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Nairobi Now’s latest updates on ‘Action in Kenya’s Capital City

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Thai Tourism Minister meets St. Ange in show of support


(Posted 29th April 2017)

Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, the Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand made time on the sidelines of the WTTC (World Tourism Travel Council) Summit in Bangkok to meet Alain St.Ange, the immediate former Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine who is now a Candidate for the position of Secretary General for the UNWTO.

Former Minister St.Ange was in Thailand to push his Agenda for "Tourism for All" which he says is to live in a way that respects & enhances the freedom of others like President Nelson Mandela of South Africa said when he spoke about ‘To Be Free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live it a way that respects & enhances the freedom of others‘ St. Ange said even though making no reference to other candidates whose home countries and personal opinions have absolutely contrary positions on these issues.

Alain St.Ange who launched his bid for SG of the UNWTO in January when he presented his Official Nomination Documents to Mr Taleb Rifai, the Secretary General of the UNWTO. St. Ange at that time was only the second official candidate when this took place in Madrid for this year’s UNWTO election set for 12th of May, also in Madrid. Alain St.Ange believes in the Tourism for All platform saying that discrimination in all its form must not be tolerated in the world of tourism and has always invited the other candidates to come out and make the commitment as well, something no one seems ready to do however at this stage, in one particular case because the candidate’s own country has a policy of discrimination. This includes the fight against discrimination based on colour of the skin, of religion, of politics, of gender, of sexual preference, of disability among others and he says that this is simply pushing an agenda of RESPECT because any form of discrimination is against our basic Human Rights.

In Bangkok it was the opportunity for Alain St.Ange to table to the Minister of Thailand his Statement of Intent and discuss his vision in the presence of Mr Pongpanu Svetarundra, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand. He was being accompanied at this meeting by Mr Nico Barito, the Seychelles Special Envoy of the President to ASEAN Countries and Mr. Pascal Viroleau, the CEO of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands which comprises if the Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros, Reunion and Mayotte islands.

The meeting was good. It was a great opportunity to speak openly and frankly especially as Thailand and the Seychelles enjoy [a] very cordial relationship. The plans for a sustainable tourism agenda as well as the need to work for safeguarding safety and security was also discussed‘ said Alain St.Ange

Previous to that meeting with the Thai Minister, the Seychelles Candidate for SG at the UNWTO had met Senior Officials of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he also presented the Seychelles Agenda for Tourism for All.

Jambojet acquires new Bombardier Q400NextGen’s


(Posted 29th April 2017)

(Jambojet’s new Bombardier Q400NextGen in new livery)

Jambojet will take delivery of another brand new Bombardier Q400NextGen in May and a second one later in the year as Kenya’s main LCC seeks to expand operations to new destinations.
Both aircraft, Bombardier confirmed this, will be through a long term lease arrangement with Russia’s Ilyushin Finance Co. which has reportedly converted an option for a Q400NextGen into a firm order, now having two on their books and beat other more established aircraft leasing companies to the door.
This agreement for these next generation turboprops signifies a key development in IFC’s international leasing business‘ said Alexander Rubtsov, Director General, IFC. ‘The demand for high-performance turboprops, such as the Q400, continues to expand and we are pleased to enter into this new lease with Jambojet‘.
The delivery of these two aircraft will increase the fleet of Q Series turboprops in Africa to over 120 aircraft including about 70 Q400 aircraft.
We are impressed with the level of professionalism that IFC exhibited throughout the process that led to this first agreement, and are delighted to have found a trusted and reliable partner to support our development plans‘ said Willem Hondius, Chief Executive Officer, Jambojet. ‘The Q400 aircraft’s performance has exceeded our expectations on all fronts. With its low operating costs and best-in-class passenger experience, the Q400 turboprop has helped us optimize and expand our operations and is undeniably the backbone of Jambojet’s growth strategy‘.
JeanPaul Boutibou, Vice President, Sales, Middle-East and Africa at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft responded when he said: ‘We are proud of the Q400 aircraft continued success in Africa. Jambojet’s operations illustrate the capabilities and qualities of the Q400 aircraft that make it uniquely suitable for the region. The Q400 is a valuable asset for owners and operators, and we are confident that IFC and Jambojet will find many more opportunities to mutually benefit from the aircraft’s outstanding economics and performance‘.
Bombardier has recorded firm orders for a total of 573 Q400 aircraft.

Reunion Tourism propagates green labelling


(Posted 28th April 2017)

The Island of La Réunion Tourisme, in short IRT, has invited tourist accommodation professionals to a meeting to raise awareness of the Clef Verte label. Approximately thirty participants responded to the invitation. This meeting also allowed the representative of Teragir to officially present the diplomas of the 2017 winners and the plates of the Clef Verte label to the new laureates.

La Clef Verte is an international environmental brand dedicated to tourist accommodation and catering, whose development in France is ensured by the Teragir association . Convened by the IRT to participate in an information meeting of the Clef Verte label, nearly 30 professionals from the tourist accommodation of La Réunion took part in this meeting.

Representative of the Clef Verte label Loriane Sandt presented to the assembly the stakes and objectives of this international environmental designation in France , as well as the eligibility criteria and the stages of the labeling process .

This meeting was also the occasion to present the diplomas and the plaques of the label to the laureates involved in the "La Clef Verte" approach:

The Villa Mascarine (Cyrille and Isabelle LEGORGEU) – Bed and breakfast and furnished tourism, first establishment labeled;
La Plage (Mrs AJAX and Mr PANIS) – first and currently only restaurant labeled;
Les Lataniers (Jérémy Sommer) – furnished with tourism new laureate 2017;
Alexandra Drouhet – Establishments of the Exsel group .

The winners were able to share their experience and commitment with the professionals present and were able to testify to the actions implemented and the impacts felt in their process of labeling Clef Verte.

What is the Green Key label?

Every year in France, millions of holidaymakers or traveling professionals stay in tourist accommodation. They can now choose to reduce their environmental impact by opting for a Clef Verte certified establishment in France or in 53 countries . With 620 certified establishments in France and a total of more than 2,500 certified establishments on five continents , the Clef Verte is the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation and catering.

Waste, energy, water management, responsible purchasing, customer awareness: these are all criteria that are taken into account by the Clef Verte establishments. Hotels, campsites, gîtes, tourist accomodation, guest houses, tourist residences, youth hostels, villages and holiday centers, restaurants, are committed to an effective environmental approach with the aim of evolving continuously.

New Kenya Airways CEO – not just yet


(Posted 28th April 2017)

The search for a new Chief Executive at Kenya Airways clearly took longer than both Chairman and the Board per se had in mind, as news emerged that four candidate had been shortlisted after an extensive global search.
Outgoing CEO Mbuvi Ngunze, who was initially expected to leave Kenya Airways at the end of quarter one of 2017, has now confirmed that he is staying on until such time that the board has made a final decision, his current task of debt restructuring is complete and the new CEO can then be formally presented to the public.

The airline has undergone a financial austerity programme over the past almost two years but retained its market standing with notably former Marketing Director Chris Diaz, who left KQ too in mid March, capturing the award for global best marketer at a recent Las Vegas marketing convention.

This affirms what this correspondent has always said, that Chris Diaz was an exceptional asset to Kenya Airways vis a vis the airline’s visibility and marketing acumen and his shoes will be hard to fill, as will those of Mbuvi Ngunze when he leaves in a few weeks time.
Mbuvi is seen as the force behind the turnaround accomplished by the airline after he inherited a deeply indebted airline as he started his term of office and then vigorously cut costs in the face of strong opposition by Kenya’s aviation unions.
Details of the financial performance of the full financial year which ended on the 31st of March are expected out soon and while it is anticipated that the airline may still show bottom line losses has it been learned that operations profits are on the upswing again.
Watch this space for upcoming announcements on the new CEO, as and when the news can be released.

St. Ange speaks out on an increasingly dirty campaign for the UNWTO top job


(Posted 28th April 2017)

Seychelles Candidate for Secretary General of UNWTO, Alain St.Ange says ‘Will African Union say ‘mea culpa’ on 12 May for not supporting their best‘.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Candidate for Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation has rejected the call by Zambia on behalf of the African Union for him to withdraw from the race for SG of the UNWTO.

The African Union has never imposed Zimbabwe on Africa, they endorsed them and the democratic right of Member States is to choose who they want. The UN remains a Democratic Institution and we all need to respect this. The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) with four African Union Members on their part endorsed Seychelles‘ said St.Ange in Bangkok earlier this week to the Press.

All along our campaign we did not speak of other candidates, but continued to present ourselves to Member States as the credible candidate. It is deplorable to see acts of trying to impose a candidate on Africa knowing full well that just in the recent elections for the Head of the same African Union how promises for votes were manipulated even as late as the night before forgetting all dignity of undertakings made and now we see this veil attempt to force a candidate on to member States. As some Candidates were sure of a win only to see their African Colleagues changing sides and breaking all promises made‘ St.Ange said before adding that on so doing the African Union is shooting their ‘Coup de Grace’ on Africa and are ensuring that the 2017 Elections does not have an African Representative coming out victorious.

South America has two Candidates and we do not see such running about, but instead a cordial dialogue in civility with respect is evident. Africa knows that Zimbabwe cannot pull off a win at this coming election. The sanctions in place, the state of the economy, the existing political situation and the reprinting of money all do not auger well for any votes apart from Africa wanting to sink with its ship‘ a political analyst added at the press conference in Bangkok.

Candidates in this coming UNWTO election need to pull votes from the four corners of the world for a win as no single continent has a majority on its own.

The elections are set for the 12th of May and will be held in Madrid.
Africa has two Candidates (Seychelles and Zimbabwe), South America has two as well (Brazil and Columbia) over and above Georgia and Korea. These are the countries set to be on the Ballot Paper on the 12th of May where the candidate who gets the most votes and unites the world of tourism will win.

I am going into the elections content that I carried a clean and open campaign. I know that the Seychelles Tourism for All campaign platform has resounded well because the world is tired of discrimination and the lack of respect for people. Respect for colour of the skin, religion, politics, those with different sexual orientation, those with one disability or another, gender etc need to be an undertaking made openly by all candidates. How can a United Nations Body tolerate to have one of its key organisation led by a person who discriminates. The women groups, the disabled, the LGBT stand up today. I was attacked because I am white and yet we want to still be tolerating this for our United Nations Organisation. This is what the press must be calling for’ St.Ange said in Bangkok.

A clear message that is as St. Ange now vigorously continues his campaign right up to the voting day on the 12th of May.

Notably have none of the other candidates engaged in the type of mudslinging we have seen come out of Africa over the past weeks and even the two South American candidates are on cordial and collegial terms even though they too vie for one voting block to garner their support.

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