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Brussels Airlines supports the Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja


(Posted 17th August 2017)

Nyege Nyege Festival

Nyege Nyege International Music Festival is now entering its third year and is considered one of the biggest music and arts extravaganzas in East Africa. Last year the festival welcomed over 200 artists from across Africa and the world, including quite a few Belgian artists while over 4,000 people came to the festival in Jinja. Notable was there also a steady increase in foreign visitors traveling to Uganda for the festival.

The organizers work hand in hand with Talent Africa, the main event production house in Uganda, as well as Bell Lager and the Uganda Tourism Board, all working towards the goal of making Uganda an appealing destination on the international music circuit. Nyege Nyege festival is only one of our projects, all year long our organization (Boutiq Foundation) welcomes artists in residency, provides deserving and talented youth with training and access to production infrastructure, as well as distributing exciting new music content from East Africa to the world.

They call it the Ugandan “Tomorrowland” and it seems that it is a very unique music and arts festival in Uganda.

(See related article via this link:


And in closing a message for the Belgian community in Uganda who might like to see friends or relatives from Europe come to Uganda for the event:

In case the Belgian community have friends / family willing to attend the festival and looking for a good fare to travel from Brussels to Uganda should get in contact with Brussels Airlines sales team in Kampala to obtain deep discounted tickets:




To get more information of the “Nyege Nyege” festival please get in contact with the organizer Mr. Derek Debru via


For more information visit

Reunion’s hospitality booking platform marks 20th anniversary


(Posted 17th August 2017)

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, La Réunion’s regional tourist booking platform launched a special dedicated marketing campaign. Enjoy the 20% discount on a selection of tourist services for 20 days to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the regional booking platform!

Established in 1997 by the Maison de la Montagne, the Association of Gîtes de Montagne Managers (AGGM) and the Relais Départemental of the Gîtes de France of Reunion Island, the regional tourist reservation platform of the destination Réunion has been driven since 2009 by L Island of Reunion Tourism (IRT). A genuine tourist development tool for the destination, the regional booking platform supports, invigorates and commercialises the local offer in terms of tourist accommodation and activities: guest rooms and holiday rentals (Gîtes de France, Clévacances) Hiking, hotels, car rental and transfers, outdoor recreation, cultural outings … Today, almost 300 private and institutional professionals rely on the regional reservation platform. With a turnover of more than € 3.3 million , 80% of which is redistributed to the local tourism sector , the regional reservation platform has been a major economic player alongside the Réunionnais for 20 years now!

Several marketing channels are now deployed:


By the Fédération Reunionnaise de Tourisme (FRT) and local tourist offices

Presence of tourist information offices at the airports of Roland Garros and Pierrefonds, in the city of Saint-Denis, Sainte-Suzanne, Saint-Gilles, Saint-Leu, Port, Cilaos, Etang-Salé , Saint-Pierre, Saint-Philippe, Entre-Deux, Saint-André, Sainte-Anne, Salazie, the Plains of Palmistes, Tampon, Bras-Panon and the Tourist Office From the Wild South to St. Joseph.

By incoming agencies

Alizoa Voyages, Anthurium Tourism, Azot’Tour, Bourbon Tourism, Corail Counter, Meeting Connections, Dream Off Reunion, Horizon Reunion, Thousand Tours, Papangue Tours, Meeting Towers, Trails and Discovery, Summertimes and Yes We Can Travel.

All of these marketing channels not only allow the general public to access a wide range of services and reservations, but also to travel agency networks and external tour operators to build their tourist circuits around the destination.

The regional reservation platform is also affiliated to the national network Tourism & Territories . This network, active for 40 years, is a guarantee of the importance of this tool dedicated to the tourist development of the island of Reunion.

In order to mark the anniversary of this anniversary, the operation "20 years" will be organized around the number 20!

This is a seduction, retention and marketing operation with the following objectives:

  • Take advantage of the anniversary to make known the platform, to make memorize to the Reunionnais thanks to the redundancy of the number 20
  • Give the platform a powerful media coverage by using all media – print, web and social networks

Group photo with partners on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the regional reservation platform of La Réunion

The partners of the operation

Hiking trails

  • Cirque de Cilaos: Gîte du Pavillon, Self catering La Roche Merveilleuse, Cave Dufour (Refuge du Piton des Neiges)
  • Cirque de Salazie: Self catering La Mandoze, P’ti Blanc des O
  • Saint-Philippe: Refuge of Basse Vallée, Self catering Théophane et Yoleine
  • Saint-Joseph: Bed and breakfast La Rivière des Remparts
  • La Plaine des Palmistes: Gîte de Bélouve, Self catering Le Pic des Sables
  • Cirque de Mafate: Gite Chez Juliette, Gite Coeur de Mafate, Gite Yolande Hoareau, Gite de Roche Plate, Gite de Grand Place Cayenne, Gite de l’Ilet in Bourse, Le Mafatais • Saint-Denis
  • Sainte-Rose: Gîte of the Volcano

Guest rooms

  • Saint-Gilles: The Old Canon of St Paul
  • La Plaine des Palmistes: The Citrus fruits
  • The Avirons: Chez Mamie
  • Cirque de Salazie: The Cimendef, Le Bélier
  • Entre-Deux: The Beautiful Echappée
  • The Plains of Kaffirs: Estagnon
  • Saint-Paul: Le Bel Air Farmhouse, Le Ruisseau
  • Saint-Pierre: Zoiseaux Paradis
  • Petite Île: Orky Mel


  • Saint-Denis: Hotel Le Saint-Denis, The Juliette Dodu
  • Saint-Gilles-les-bains: Dina Morgabine, Tama Hotel, Les Créoles
  • Cirque de Cilaos: Hotel le Cilaos
  • La Saline les Bains: Hotel Le Nautile, The Swalibo

Holiday rents

  • Saint-Pierre: Mon Repos n ° 90 – Mon Rest n ° 168 – Golden Beach
  • Petite-Île: Orky Mel


  • Sainte-Anne: The Pretty Woods


  • Canyoning: Evasion Kréol
  • Eaux-vives: Aquasens
  • Segway: Mobilboard
  • Elliptical trainer : Elliptigo
  • Recumbent bike: Atmosphere Pei
  • Scuba diving: B’leu Océan
  • Heritage Visit: City of the Volcano – Museum Stella Matutina – Museum of Decorative Arts of the Indian Ocean – Kélonia – Tourist Office of the North – Tourist Office of the East – Tourist Office of the West – Tourist Office CASUD

Updates about the 2017 edition of the East African Safari Classic Rally

Welcome to the latest Safari Classic Rally newsletter, with news from Stig Blomqvist’s pre-Safari test with Tuthill Porsche.
Welcome to the latest newsletter for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally. Feel free to email pictures of your Safari Classic preparations to media for inclusion as an online news item and in the next edition of our newsletter.
Safaricom joins Safari Classic’s strongest-ever sponsor list
Safaricom has joined the growing list of sponsors for this year’s East African Safari Classic Rally. Kenya’s premier communications provider will supply a sponsorship package worth KES 17 Million ($160,000) for the 2017 Safari Classic Rally through Kenya and Tanzania from Nov 23rd – Dec 1st.

“The Safari Classic Rally enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s toughest contests and it is our pleasure to be part of its rich heritage,” said Safaricom’s Consumer Director, Sylvia Mulinge, announcing the sponsorship package and additional provision of connectivity and airtime for officials and rally crews. “As fans and competitors experience this ultimate adventure, they will sample the beauty of our country, while simultaneously enjoying Safaricom’s famously fast Internet speeds and market leading network coverage.”

“We’re delighted to welcome Safaricom as a sponsor for this year’s Safari Classic Rally,” said rally CEO, Raju Kishinani. “Safaricom is an inspirational company, built on a platform of sustainable development. Its ‘Transforming Lives’ initiative is a revolutionary idea to liberate people through technology, and the M-PESA programme to improve efficiency and eliminate corruption by digitizing the distribution of food aid to our most vulnerable citizens is a truly unique approach. We are honoured to enjoy Safaricom’s support.”

“This year’s Safari Classic Rally covers 4,000 kms through Kenya and Tanzania, exposing rally sponsors to vast swathes of the rural population,” notes rally chairman, JS Vohra. “Alongside the welcome financial and infrastructural support, Safaricom’s impressive social media presence and extensive marketing reach ensures the widespread distribution of Safari Classic news, spreading its competitive spirit and bringing global attention to Kenya and East Africa.”

“Safaricom believes that sport plays a vital role in transforming the lives of the communities that we serve,” continued Ms. Mulinge. “Our sporting sponsorships include the Safaricom Athletics Series, the IAAF Under-18 Championship and next month’s Chapa Dimba Na Safaricom football tournament. We’re pleased to be part of the team for this year’s Safari Classic Rally and look forward to waving the competitors off from Sarova Whitesands in Mombasa on November 23.”

Blomqvist tests with Tuthill Porsche for Safari Classic Rally
Tuthill Porsche recently tested in the Welsh forests with reigning Safari Classic Rally champion, Stig Blomqvist, ahead of this year’s Safari Classic Rally. In a two-day test that was blessed with the full range of British summer weather, the former world rally champion proved to have lost none of his legendary poise.

Two more Safari Classic competitors were also testing in Wales: Ryan Champion and Gilberto Sandretto, who made his debut on the 2015 Safari Classic, co-driven by Fabrizia Pons. Gilberto’s Safari 911 was one of two Porsche rally cars used on the two-day test at Walter’s Arena in Brecon.

“This has been a very useful test for both Stig and Gilberto,” said team boss, Richard Tuthill. “It’s great to see Stig back behind the wheel. His driving style is just so efficient and effortless and the cars have been super reliable. A small evolution on the front damper has given us some noticeable improvements. This venue is perfect for shaking cars down and it means we can load our 911s into the container knowing that they are ready to start the event as soon as they arrive.”

International rally winner, Ryan Champion, was also delighted to be back in a Porsche. Champion returns as co-driver to fellow Yorkshireman, Richard Jackson, later this year, but has taken the wheel on a number of previous events. A duel with Sweden’s Richard Goransson in identical cars on the last Safari Classic Rally led to some very exciting tussles at the top of the stage times.

“My last outing in one of these cars was instructing at Tuthill’s Below Zero Ice Driving in Sweden. Sitting in with Stig and Gilberto, along with Gilberto’s son, Tommaso, the weather has been tricky at times, but all three drivers have enjoyed a reliable test and sharpened their skills on tough terrain. The weather in Kenya this November should be a bit warmer and hopefully we can enjoy a competitive rally.”

Tuthill’s pre-Safari programme includes two more shakedown and test events in Wales before the cars ship to Africa in early September. “Wardington is currently packed with Safari cars in various stages of preparation, and the logistics effort to get our support team together is in full swing,” said Richard. “We’re all looking forward to stepping off the plane in Mombasa, feeling the African sun on our faces and starting another epic Safari.”

Save Kenyan Wildlife via Carbon Offset with Wildlife Works
The Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project protects over 500,000 acres of dryland forest in southeastern Kenya, securing the wildlife migration corridor between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. This area was part of the East African Safari Rally Classic route in both 2013 and 2015, and will be again in 2017.

REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) is a climate change mitigation mechanism originated by the United Nations, designed to help stop the destruction of the world’s forests. Prior to the REDD+ project implementation in Kenya’s Kasigau Corridor, the area was under intense threat from slash-and-burn agriculture and charcoal production. Through the REDD+ project’s improvement of alternative livelihoods and sustainable community development, these threats have been significantly reduced.

The Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project benefits over 100,000 rural Kenyans, including 4,000 local community landowners, through the distribution of carbon revenue, providing a low-carbon, sustainable development pathway for the project area’s rural communities. Job creation is the core conservation strategy, so the project employs over 300 local citizens in jobs including forest and wildlife rangers, plot sampling staff, horticulturists, eco-factory workers, construction workers, mechanics and administrative personnel.

Some of the current employees previously had to destroy their environment just to survive, yet Wildlife Works’ has offered them an alternative livelihood. Additionally, the project has created regional development of education, water access, women’s empowerment, and small enterprise business opportunities, while agricultural intensification methods stop the expansion of slash-and-burn agriculture and enhance food security.

The Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project has also achieved tremendous results in biodiversity preservation, and is credited with the resurgent regional populations of endangered species including the African elephant, Grevy’s zebra, cheetah, and lion.

The Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project generates Verified Emission Reductions (VERs), otherwise known as carbon offsets, where each VER represents the avoidance of one ton of carbon being released into the atmosphere. VERs are purchased by corporations and individuals who voluntarily elect to reduce their unavoidable emissions. Proceeds from Wildlife Works’ VER sales are reinvested in green economic development for the local community, thus removing the threat to the forest.

The conservation of the project area relies on the voluntary offset of emissions by corporations, NGOs and individuals. The East African Safari Classic Rally teams and their sponsors are invited to join some of the world’s leading corporations including Kenya Airways, Allianz, Kering, BNP Paribas, Microsoft, Barclays Bank, and Marks & Spencer in offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions and protecting primary Kenyan forest by supporting Wildlife Works’ Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project.

To find out more about your team’s potential carbon footprint, please contact Cara on cara.

Marc Marti available to co-drive
A reminder that Marc Martí, the experienced WRC co-driver currently partnering Hyundai’s Dani Sordo, is still seeking a co-driver opening for this year’s Safari Classic Rally. Marc has rallied in Africa on several occasions and is keen to come back to Kenya.

"I did my first Safari Rally in 1998 with the Seat WRC team, alongside Oriol Gómez. Our rally ended with suspension failure, but I really enjoyed the country and the people. I was always in love with this Rally Safari and I would like to do it again. Though the concept for Safari Classic is completely different (to WRC), it will be nice to drive through the fantastic stages in East Africa.

"I have many good memories from my Safari with Seat in 1998 and hope to find a way to take part in the Classic. Many fellow WRC co-drivers tell me how this rally is a fantastic experience. It would be great to find a space to participate."

UK Rally2WD initiative hopes to boost historics
When it comes to exciting gravel rallies, we are spoiled for choice here in Kenya, but not all countries have it so good. UK rallying has been forced to launch a new Rally2WD initiative in a bid to rekindle support for gravel rallying with historic and two-wheel drive cars.

Rally2WD has been created to try and reverse the alarming decline in the number of entries on many gravel rallies this season; a decline that is widely regarded as a primary consequence of the change to running order on rallies.

The concept has been developed to encourage back the groups most adversely affected by the move to a single field based on performance. The historic and lower powered front-wheel drive entries have been decimated as a result and it is those competitors that are the target for Rally 2WD, along with all other two-wheel drive cars, historic or modern, that have virtually disappeared from the sport.

The statistics are alarming: in the three years since the most recent changes to running order were put in place, the average entry of 1400cc cars has dropped from 43 cars to 18, while the average historic entry has dropped from 67 to 37. In the historic Category 1, for pre-1968 cars, the average field has gone from 13 cars to just two cars.

Events adopting the Rally 2WD concept will effectively run two back-to-back rallies: the first for all two-wheel drive cars, including historics. The second will be for all four-wheel drive cars. The concept allows both events to run within one day, with all stage action running between 9am and 5pm while fully meeting all MSA requirements.

More details regarding Rally2WD will be announced in the coming weeks.

Official Rally Tour and Safari
The official East African Safari Classic Rally tour is an amazing opportunity to experience the awesome splendour of African landscapes and wildlife. It also affords plenty of time to watch the rally action unfolding on the world’s toughest historic motorsport event.

Few experiences compare to exploring the wilds of Kenya and Tanzania by following the legendary Safari Classic Rally through some of our planet’s most famous wildlife reserves and ecological wonders. Our official tour is a truly memorable East African experience.

Download details of the official Rally Tour and Safari here. Contact us for more information.

Compulsory Medical Information Form now online
One of the major challenges on the East African Safari Classic Rally is to the physical and psychological strength of competitors. Our rally is the toughest historic motorsport event anywhere in the world and, while we delight in preserving that reputation, we also want to ensure that competitors are as safe as possible, including reacting to medical emergencies quickly and appropriately on the event.

For our rally doctor to have the most up-to-date information available, there is acompulsory medical form to be completed. All information is treated in the strictest confidence and is only referred to in the event of accident or injury, when appropriate details may be released to another doctor or an EASCR 2017 Senior Official if necessary.

To discuss any concerns relating to medical issues, please email Dr Harj Chaggar direct or<a href="mailto:info for clarification. Remember that 2017 regulations have changed to allow power steering! The benefits of this update should not be underestimated.

Please return the completed medical form as soon as possible for your own protection and the safety of all fellow competitors. Be safe – be certain – ask questions – eliminate doubt.

Send us your story

We love to hear how our competitors and their crews came to Safari and the stories of your preparations and ambitions. We look forward to sharing all photos and stories across our channels between now and the start of the rally. Send your Safari stories tomedia.

Download the latest rally bulletins
For those interested in attending the 2017 Safari Classic Rally or taking part in the event, there is plenty of information available to download on our website.

The full Rally Regulations and the Official Entry Form for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally are both available for download here.

Email us with any questions regarding our rally or to discuss the 2017 event.

Safari Social Media: Follow our Channels
The East African Safari Classic Rally is active across many social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or check out our website by using the buttons below. Tag us in your pics or share your content with us using the hashtag #safariclassic !
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Discover all the latest Brussels Airport news

For all passengers using Brussels Airlines out of Entebbe and Kigali in East Africa but also for ATC readers beyond those geographical areas … Check the latest news from Brussels Airport about food and fun and in particular the information about family fast tracking at the security checkpoint …

Brussels Airport’s latest news

Newsletter Brussels Airport
Brussels Airport Brussels Airport logo
Newsletter August 2017
Play now to win a signed Lost Frequencies album
Less is more - Lost Frequencies
Last July, 5 winners secured a signed Lost Frequencies album called “Less is more”: Karen Laguado, Serge Mirot, Luc Versavel, Lia Kimenia & Jurgen West are going nuts on catchy beats as we speak.

Play along this month with a chance to win 1 of 5 remaining albums

Play now »
Family lane at security
Family lane
All summer long, our family lane at security screening is open. This is where families with young children get some special attention. Want to go through security comfortably with your family? Then use our family lane, available until 4 September. Your holiday starts at Brussels Airport!
New at Bistrot : order & pay at the booth!
Pay at the booth
In order to make sure we can offer you and your fellow travelers an even quicker service, our restaurant Bistrot (Pier B) is introducing its brand new payment booth.

Choose whichever dish you fancy, add an optional drink or dessert and the booth forwards your order right to the kitchen. Fetch the order at the pick-up point and … bon appetit!

Our piano is awaiting you
All summer long, music has a prominent spot at our airport. Which is exactly why we put a stunning grand piano in the connector leading to Pier A.

Stagefright-free musicians are welcome to play a piece. Not exactly gifted? Not to worry, an enthusiastic crowd is just as important. We’d love to hear from you.

A bit of festival at Brussels Airport
Tomorrowland festivalgoers
Once again this year, our festivalgoers kept on dancing on their way to the airplane to the tunes of our Belgian DJ’s.

Even after 2 mad Tomorrowland weekends, our international audience just couldn’t stop partying.

Enjoy the show »
Visit our website

Corporate Council on Africa News Updates


Foreign investment in Africa’s hospitality sector rises BizNis Africa
The hospitality sector in Africa’s emerging markets looks set to profit from foreign investment and an influx of foreign travellers. … Read more>>

Air Seychelles Introduces Scenic Flights Product Footprint to Africa
Air Seychelles has launched Scenic Flights, a new product offering more choice of activities to tourists visiting the island nation.
The flights will give air travellers panoramic and bird’s eye views of Seychelles’ largest island Mahé at low altitudes…. Read more>>

#ATA41 set to discuss ‘Financing Tourism Development’

Corporate Council on Africa reveals more of the #ATA41 programme

CCA’s 41st Annual World Tourism Conference
Africa Travel Association

41st Annual World Tourism Conference

August 28 – 31, 2017
Kigali Conference Center | Kigali, Rwanda

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