Brussels Airlines records highest loadfactors ever in July


(Posted 10th August 2017)

An 11.3 percent rise in passenger numbers saw Brussels Airlines close the month of July with a whopping 85.3 percent passenger load factors, the best such result ever for the airline.
In total 876.717 passengers were welcomed on board of some 7,279 flights operated by the Belgian national airline, representing an increase of 11.3% (+88,000) compared to 2016.

The short- and mid-haul network attracted 11.3% more passengers. The flights to summer sun destinations in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and France in addition attracted many holiday makers in July. Brussels Airlines also looks at a very positive passenger development in Scandinavia, Great-Britain and to and from Tel Aviv.

On flights to and from Africa, the passenger growth amounted to 6% and the North American destinations accounted for a growth of 2.4%.The passenger increase has caused a seat load factor growth of 2.6 percentage points to 85.3%, a record for Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines’ freight activities, expressed in Revenue Ton Kilometres, grew by 15.2% and the cargo load factor increased by 10.7 percentage points.



  Month Month VLY difference in %
jul-17 jul-16
Flights 7,279 6,995 4.1%
Total Passengers 876,717 787,765 11.3%
— Passengers Europe 718,525 645,808 11.3%
— Passengers Africa 91,804 86,589 6.0%
— Passengers North America 36,728 35,880 2.4%
— Passengers Middle East 20,169 19,488 3.5%
— Passengers Asia 9,491 / /
Available seat-kilometers  (ASK) 1,789,119,451 1,627,637,195 9.9%
Revenue Passenger-Kilometers  (RPK) 1,526,492,773 1,345,963,582 13.4%
Passenger Load Factor (%) 85.3% 82.7% 2.6%pt
Available Ton-Kilometers (ATK)    213,781 193,862 10.3%
Revenue Ton-Kilometers  (RTK) 171,813 149,196 15.2%
Cargo Load Factor (%) 64.2% 53.5% 10.7%pt
These statistics are based on currently available passenger data

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