More news from ‘Further down South’ by Gill Staden


(Posted 09th August 2017)


More on the logging issue

Trouble at Kasanka

Conservation farming for Simalaha

Lion stops tea at Nsefu

Elephants at Nanzhila

Zambia Carnivore Programme highlights two wild dogs

50 years since the death of Sir Stewart Gore-Browne

Obituary – Peter Moss

Rhino horn traders arrested in Zambia

4,000 pangolins died for scales in West Africa

But, one pangolin returned to the wild in South Luangwa

Elephants translocated to Nyika National Park

Garlic and Ginger for sale

Chemical clean-up near Hwange

New Shopping Mall for Vic Falls Town

Zambian ivory smuggler in Maun

Shy elephant in Okavango

Cheetah problems in Botswana

More rhinos relocated to Botswana

Vulture deaths in Namibia

‘Accident’ by elephant in Bwabwata

Cheetah cubs in Erindi

Human-wildlife conflict west of Etosha

Game count in Namibia

Tusker awards

Some videos:

African Parks elephant relocation

Andre Swanepoel

Chinese logging trucks in Mozambique 1 week ago. Very small diameter (Juvenile) trees. Extinction of many tree species very soon is happening before our eyes.

Video taken 19.07.17. Vanduzi town. Manica province. Mozambique.

Tourism Ministry constructs tourism centre in Zambezi

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism constructed a state of the art facility at the entrance of the Nkasa/Rupara National Park.

The infrastructure was funded by the German government.

Chief Chitambo at Livingstone’s Memorial

Black Bean Productions

The trailer for our documentary is out. This feature length documentary, ‘The Edge of Existence’ is about human wildlife conflict in Africa, an untold story and an issue that affects the livelihood of people, the conservation of protected areas and the wildlife that inhabits them.

Conservation is complex, and the relationship between man and beast is too. There are so many issues that stem from here, and it is important that we understand these if we are going to forge a way forward together that enables people and wildlife to coexist and flourish.



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