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More inexplicable U-turns by Kenya Railways


(Posted 09th August 2017)


Kenya Railways has done it again and questions are getting louder and more urgent when finally a change of senior management will be affected to stamp out their constant bad decisions which often in the space of hours have to be reversed when the social media timelines explode in their faces.
Today, citing insecurity, has Kenya Railways a few hours ago announced the suspension of services but probably hit over the head by their political masters promptly eaten their words and announced in the space of two hours a reversal of this untenable decision.
The rail company, in an effort for damage control, claimed to have held security meetings, a reason promptly called fake by the social media community, following which their decision of earlier in the day was reversed but other information received suggests that government would have nothing of this and demanded a reversal on the double, leaving the tenure of the rail chief now hanging in the balance after similar faux pas’ were committed over the past months.
The Kenyan government has repeatedly assured Kenyans and foreign visitors that trouble makers will not be tolerated after the peaceful elections yesterday and that when results are being announced security forces will remain vigilant and ready to act.

More news from ‘Further down South’ by Gill Staden


(Posted 09th August 2017)


More on the logging issue

Trouble at Kasanka

Conservation farming for Simalaha

Lion stops tea at Nsefu

Elephants at Nanzhila

Zambia Carnivore Programme highlights two wild dogs

50 years since the death of Sir Stewart Gore-Browne

Obituary – Peter Moss

Rhino horn traders arrested in Zambia

4,000 pangolins died for scales in West Africa

But, one pangolin returned to the wild in South Luangwa

Elephants translocated to Nyika National Park

Garlic and Ginger for sale

Chemical clean-up near Hwange

New Shopping Mall for Vic Falls Town

Zambian ivory smuggler in Maun

Shy elephant in Okavango

Cheetah problems in Botswana

More rhinos relocated to Botswana

Vulture deaths in Namibia

‘Accident’ by elephant in Bwabwata

Cheetah cubs in Erindi

Human-wildlife conflict west of Etosha

Game count in Namibia

Tusker awards

Some videos:

African Parks elephant relocation

Andre Swanepoel

Chinese logging trucks in Mozambique 1 week ago. Very small diameter (Juvenile) trees. Extinction of many tree species very soon is happening before our eyes.

Video taken 19.07.17. Vanduzi town. Manica province. Mozambique.

Tourism Ministry constructs tourism centre in Zambezi

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism constructed a state of the art facility at the entrance of the Nkasa/Rupara National Park.

The infrastructure was funded by the German government.

Chief Chitambo at Livingstone’s Memorial

Black Bean Productions

The trailer for our documentary is out. This feature length documentary, ‘The Edge of Existence’ is about human wildlife conflict in Africa, an untold story and an issue that affects the livelihood of people, the conservation of protected areas and the wildlife that inhabits them.

Conservation is complex, and the relationship between man and beast is too. There are so many issues that stem from here, and it is important that we understand these if we are going to forge a way forward together that enables people and wildlife to coexist and flourish.


What’s New for Tourists in Africa?

Afro Tourism’s latest news

Latest Information and Updates from Afro Tourism
S.E.E Africa!
Let us take you on a journey around Africa and show you the Africa the mainstream media would never show you; the true Africa that is untainted by bias, discrimination or racism. Contrary to popular opinion, Africa isn’t a dark continent. Africa isn’t generally hot. Africans aren’t primitive people.
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The Nomad: ‘See Swaziland and Die’

South Africa may have appropriated every space in our mind about southern African; however, there are other fascinating places to visit in the sub-region, in fact, on pocket-friendly budget. Take Swaziland for example, the kingdom appears a mere postage stamp on the map, step inside and the landscapes will take you by surprise with its vast, rugged panoramas that stretch away to every horizon.

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Bucketlist: Top 25 African Adventure Sites

Don’t just jump at every holiday offer; to help you prepare for your 2016 holiday trips and travel, here are sites you should consider to add to your itinerary. These are without a doubt the best 25 adventure sites in Africa.

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Memoir: I Met a Roan in Swaziland

“Stop, stop, I’d like to take a photo”, said Terry and I pulled the car over to watch the approaching roan.

Terry had his camera on zoom trying to focus on this particular animal, and it obliged by walking closer to us. And closer, and closer until the roan completely filled his view finder. Terry took his camera away from his face only to realise that the roan was eye-balling him, only 1m away!

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Soul City: Ouagadougou!

That name sounds like a line in rap music; some say it makes them smile, more or less confirming city’s reality. You know that feeling you have when you actually have so little yet you are so contented. Yeah, I saw it in the city.

Burkina Faso’s capital is popular for a number of reasons, one of which is its people’s fondness for art and creativity.
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Afro-Recipe: Mombasa Khatta Bateta

This month, we will be attempting a homemade version of the Mombasa style snack of sour potatoes known as Khatta Bateta.

Given the strong influence of Asian cuisine in Kenya’s gastronomy, it is not uncommon to find Asian street food with a Kenyan twist to the taste.
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Brussels Airlines supports Entebbe charity golf tournament


(Posted 09th August 2017)


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Brussels Airlines Uganda showed they had their heart in the right place when they assumed the main sponsorship of a golf tournament in Entebbe last weekend, with the proceeds going towards supporting children with heart defects. 114 golfers had signed up for the event which aimed to raise 2.6 million Uganda Shillings to pay for an operation at the Uganda Heart Institute for the first of five selected children.
Led by country manager Geert Lemmen and several of his key staff, among them Hope, Kenneth, Claire, Daniel and George, did the team witness how Jonathan Bakwenga claim the honours on the course with 42 Stableford points on the day. Besides his trophy he also claimed a return ticket to any Brussels Airlines destination in Europe, a trip he will no doubt enjoy given the hospitality in the air he can expect.
Team winner was Lets Go Travel Uganda which accumulated 99 points.

Team Lets Go Travel emerged the overall winning team with 99 points.

Brussels Airlines flies five times a week between Entebbe and Brussels and from there to North America, India and of course across the European Union and beyond.

Rwanda breaks ground for new airport development


(Posted 09th August 2017)

President Paul Kagame, recently re-elected with a whopping 98 percent affirmative vote to another term of office, is expected to be Guest of Honour in the ground breaking ceremony set for later today at the site of the new Bugesera International Airport.
Portuguese constructions company Mota Engil won the right to build and operate the airport for a period of initially 25 years – with an almost automatic extension of a further 15 years – before eventually handing over the airport to the government of Rwanda.
There is some scepticism though on the time frame of the project which according to local media reports ought to be operational by December next year, an almost impossible task given the complexity of airport construction and then the installation of the required equipment before it can meet international standards after audits by various global institutions and airlines.
Enough examples exist, given the massive delays of the opening of Berlin’s new international airport and even Hamad International in Doha suffered an opening delay at the time and caution is therefore counselled vis a vis setting dates which may not be accomplished.
For continued updates keep watching this space.

La Digue Island Lodge beach house renovations now complete


(Posted 09th August 2017)

La Digue Island Lodge has completed an extensive renovation of its famous “Beach House” accommodation located right on the beach front of the property. The works were carried out over a two-month period and consisted of a complete overhaul of all the suites.

The nine suites complex boasts stunning views of the bay and Praslin Island in the distance. It is very popular with families as some of the rooms have adjoining bedrooms that cater for children.

All the suites have been completely rebuild and the wooden flooring has been replaced with tiles, new French windows installed, panoramic sliding doors replaced and new air conditioning units installed. New bedding and furniture has also been installed. The bathrooms have also been completely overhauled with new tiling, fittings and accessories. The verandas have also undergone a makeover with new furniture and see through weather blinds.

A stylish décor in line with a beach theme has also been adopted to further enhance the comfort of the rooms with blue as the primary colour, reflecting the stunning views of the ocean. These finishing touches will complement the whole ambience and comfort of the newly renovated rooms. The renovation has now enhance the overall feel of the suites giving it an airy, bright and stylish touch.

(Below are pictures of the ‘new’ room and the view from one of the suites over the ocean)

Qatar Airways remains upbeat as yet more destinations added


(Posted 09th August 2017)

Despite ongoing airspace denial by neighbouring countries, a fact very sadly applauded by their own jealous airlines, has Qatar Airways not stood still but even moved up the launch of new destinations.
Yesterday were flights to Sarajevo announced, effective 31st of October while an inaugural flight from Doha took off to a third destination in Oman – a country not bullied by neighbours into participating in illegal sanctions – as the city of Sohar came on line. Qatar Airways Group CEO Mr. Akbar Al Baker said when making the announcement: ‘We are delighted to add Sohar to our global route network. We launched services to the Sultanate of Oman nearly 17 years ago, and ever since, we have added additional frequencies on a yearly basis to accommodate demand for increased capacity to this charming country, known for its traditional culture and the warmth of the Omani people. Now passengers from Sohar will have the opportunity to experience our award-winning service, connecting them to a wide variety of popular summer holiday destinations‘.

Sohar is a city known both for its traditional Omani culture and beautiful beaches. As the Sultanate of Oman’s largest city in the governorate of Northern Al Batinah and the country’s main shipping hub, this vibrant coastal city offers a range of tourist attractions and activities, in particular water sports such as diving, snorkelling and kite boarding. Shoppers will not want to miss the city’s souq, which offers traditional Omani handicrafts as well as leather goods, ceramics, perfumes, herbs and honey.

The airline will operate three weekly flights between Doha and Sohar, bringing the total capacity across Oman to 59 weekly flights. Qatar Airways first began service to the Sultanate of Oman by launching flights to the capital, Muscat in 2000. In 2013, Salalah was added to the airline’s growing network as the second destination in the Sultanate of Oman. The award-winning airline currently operates five daily flights between Doha and Muscat, and three daily return flights on the Doha-Salalah route.
Meanwhile is the historic city of Sarajevo is set to join Qatar Airways’ expanding global network as the award-winning airline announces the famous Balkan city will now launch in October as part of Qatar Airways’ expedited expansion plans.

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is now becoming the latest must-see destination for leisure travellers, combining its rich history with a modern atmosphere to offer a unique cultural mix. Visitors can experience stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains from one of Sarajevo’s many viewing platforms, and visit Baščaršija, an Ottoman bazaar in the heart of the city boasting many remarkable historical and cultural sights.

Yesterday’s announcement of the new four times-weekly service, set to begin on 31st of October, is part of the airline’s expedited expansion into Eastern Europe, with the recent launch of four times-weekly service to Skopje as well as daily flights to Prague, Czech Republic and Kyiv, Ukraine set to begin later this month.

In Eastern Africa does Qatar Airways serve Entebbe and Kigali once a day but also flies to Nairobi, Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar with Mombasa due to join the East Africa network in 2018.

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