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Another such blog post which draws attention to the many added attractions in Uganda yet little is known about it – a reason why many tourists simply pass by and miss such parts of our history … Again, I hope the Re-Blog will help to put this right …

The Uganda Safari News

A detailed account by Jonathan Benaiah (The Ugandan Tourist)

My travels within Uganda recently led me about 50 kilometers west of the capital city Kampala to a place which the people of Buganda (Uganda’s largest kingdom) greatly relate with historically, the Ttanda Archaeological site. At Ttanda, a site that is relatively green on first sight, but is most popular for sheltering the pits of an ancient god called Walumbe, the tale of Walumbe together with the origins of earth and death (according to the baganda people) slowly come to life for the strong hearted and leave the “fainter hearted” in great terror.


Walking through the faded-white gates that grant access to the site allows trotting along a rocky marram trail guarded by forest cover on either side. At the sight of green, you would think the feeling here is one of life in abundance, but on the contrary, it…

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Abseil into mind-blowing vertical space along the tallest Sipi falls in UGANDA

Good story about the adventures Uganda offers her visitors and yet too little is known about such among the tourism fraternity at large … perhaps a Re-Blog will help to put that right and give such activities greater exposure …

Vacation Whisperer

“Trust me Spacey, you can do it, I’ve got you!” I still hear Robert’s reassurance playback in my dreams.


Have you ever been told to go jump off a cliff if you’re bothered about something? Well, I never like it when someone says that to me. Matter of fact, I will fight you if you say that to me. But here’s something, if you want some excitement in your life, go jump off the edge of a cliff, 100 meters of overhanging rock. I can assure you, it’s not for the faint hearted, but it’ll guarantee 10% fright and 90% fun.

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