Tour D’ EAC teams arrive in Kampala


(Posted 31st July 2017)

The grand flag off of the 2nd East African Bicycle Tour known as ‘Tour D’ EAC‘ 2017 is due to take place tomorrow at the Independence Monument, Kampala Uganda. Located below the Sheraton Hotel gardens, opposite the Grand Imperial Hotel will the ceremony take place on Tuesday 01st of August at 08:00 hrs. If you have a bicycle, please come and ride with the team any.distance of your convenience.Meanwhile have the Kenyan, Rwandan and Burundian teams arrived in Kampala and set up camp before embarking on a journey across the entire region covering several thousand kilometres. The teams can be met along Entebbe road at Hotel Malakai in Kitende. In particular local media but also cycling enthusiasts are welcome ahead of the start tomorrow.
It was learned that all ‘official‘ engagements in Kenya have been cancelled due to the imminent elections, an unexpected turn as the bicycle tour is after all aiming to foster regional and national unity among EAC member states.
The route through Kenya will therefore be fast tracked according to the organizers and slightly more time then be spend in Tanzania instead before driving through Burundi and Rwanda ahead of the return to the finishing line in the Ugandan capital.


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