Tabora Airport expansion officially opened


(Posted 25th July 2017)

Tabora Airport, IATA code TBO and ICAO code HTTB, was yesterday, as part of President Magufuli’s tour of central – western Tanzania, officially opened by the Tanzanian President.
Located at an elevation of 1.179 metres or 3.868 feet does the refurbished and modernized airport offer a paved runway of 1.786 metres length, enough to cater for the larger twin engined turboprop aircraft used by several of Tanzania’s airlines or even for smaller jets.
The nearest other airports are Mwanza (292 kms), Dodoma (344 kms) and Kigoma (351 kms) and air services on a scheduled basis will very likely route via one of those waypoints until sufficient passenger numbers have been generated from the Tabora region directly.
Precision Air, Tanzania’s only IATA member and airline company quoted on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange is serving Tabora five times a week on a scheduled basis while other airlines offer charter services.


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