First local airlines set up shop at new Isiolo airport


(Posted 19th July 2017)

Former President Mwai Kibaki laid the foundation stone for the new Isiolo airport in February 2013 and his successor in office, President Uhuru Kenyatta, is expected to officially open the facility within the space of a few weeks now, ahead of the upcoming general elections on the 08th of August.
The new airport, with a paved runway of presently 1.4 kilometres, offers passengers a terminal with some 5.000 square metres of space capable of processing up to 125.000 travelers a year.
It was learned yesterday that Fly540 was the first local airline to move into their offices at Isiolo airport, no doubt a pointer that operations will be launched soon, very likely in conjunction with Wilson airport.
While facilities exist for international flights – customs and immigration clearance areas have been established – is it expected to first begin with domestic flights from Nairobi, used by the local business community and tourists not using the safari flights directly to a number of smaller airstrips close to lodges and tented safari camps in parks and game reserves located in the wider Isiolo area.


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