Nairobi’s Travelshoppe launches new App


(Posted 14th July 2017)

The Travelshoppe in Nairobi recently launched a first of its kind – a Mobile App where one can process an airline ticket booking and purchase from the comfort and convenience of a smart phone keyboard.

Intending users can download from App and Play Stores and literally commence travel at one’s fingertips. This App has the capability of looking at flight options, select, book and finally move on to payment options which include credit card and Mpesa.

This brings the company into the digital era and is a milestone in the 23 year journey of Travelshoppe. Meanwhile does the company continue to offer travel services as it has done since its inception in 1994, as a leader in travel, adventure and leisure in the region.

The App has been carefully integrated with respective related segments and produces on demand some of the most competitive airfares in the market.

Congratulations to Travelshoppe as Kenya’s travel industry continues to re-invent itself and offers novel solutions by using current day communications technology and gadgets.


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