Madaraka Express tickets now available on line


(Posted 21st June 2017)

Weeks after the official launch of what is now known as ‘Madaraka Express‘, previously described as the SGR train, has service delivery finally caught up with the initial hype when the national rail company confirmed that as of today will online bookings and payments be possible.
First service provider will be Safaricom through the M-Pesa platform but it is understood that other mobile money providers too will soon come on board to make the purchase of tickets possible from home or one’s office rather than having to queue at the station which in past weeks led to often chaotic scenes.
Critique was swift that the rail operator had taken the eyes off the ball and solely concentrated on the Presidential launch trip, forgetting about the logistics for regular rail users and the success, now over 10.000 travelers have used the trains already, had caused them huge bottlenecks.
Tickets, once paid through M-Pesa can then be collected at the respective stations and special account numbers will be allocated to each of the SGR stations along the route to Mombasa.
Meanwhile are bus operators on the route scheming about launching a market offensive to stem the erosion of their market share for traffic to Mombasa which saw thousands of previous bus users migrate to the new rail travel option.

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