Air Tanzania seeks lease of Bombardier jet to bridge the gap


(Posted 05th June 2017)

Reports from aviation sources in Johannesburg suggest that Air Tanzania is finalising arrangements to lease a Bombardier CRJ100 jet to allow the revived carrier expand its operations ahead of the delivery of two Bombardier CS300’s, the first such aircraft to operate in Africa. These two jets are due for delivery between late this year and mid next year.
Air Tanzania in the past operated CRJ100 aircraft leased from Kenya but the former management was not capable to sustain any form of viable operation and was removed by the new Tanzanian government under President John Magufuli. Subsequently did the Magufuli administration then purchase two Bombardier Q400NextGen’s and signed orders for another one of this type – there is ongoing speculation that the existing but aged Q300 aircraft may be traded in for another brand new Q400 – two CS300’s and one Boeing B787 Dreamliner.
A source from Dar es Salaam had a few days ago indicated that Air Tanzania intends to fastrack the return to some of the regional routes it had shelved in the past, among them Nairobi and perhaps even Entebbe but was lacking a suitable aircraft to accomplish that.
With the turboprop fleet fully committed for domestic services will the CRJ100 fit the bill to offer a faster aircraft on routes crucial to ATCL’s full return to the market, yet small enough with just 50 seats in an all economy version, to fill with greater ease than a larger jet.
Watch this space for breaking and regular aviation news from the wider Eastern African region.


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  1. A regular aviation source claims that the Air Tanzania management has denied any such plans but they have not responded to this blog nor other media where this report has appeared. The South African source quoted in contrast claims that what they have told me is true and even now provided an aircraft registration ZS-CMH of Cem Air …


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