Tanzania aims to bring all wildlife bodies under one roof


(Posted 30th May 2017)

Information is emerging from Arusha, sent in by regular tourism and conservation sources, that the Tanzanian government, caught by surprise about the outpouring of negative sentiments from the tourism industry against TANAPA, is now seeking to bring all three wildlife conservation bodies under one roof.
TANAPA is supposedly to be merged with TAWA, the Tanzania Wildlife Authority and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority to streamline operations and more directly control their activities. A further reason for the move, supported apparently by parliament, was to bring all anti poaching operations under one roof too with the lead being taken by the Tanzanian Defense Forces.
As reported here a week ago (https://wolfganghthome.wordpress.com/2017/05/24/new-tanapa-fees-threaten-the-tourism-sectors-survival/) did TANAPA incur the wrath of the tourism private sector over their crazy demands for concession fee hikes with some senior stakeholders now demanding that all good will should be withheld from TANAPA and donors and development partners to be urged to halt financial support until such time that the organizations’s rogue managers have been reigned in and the fee hikes been suspended.
Watch this space for breaking and up to date news from across Eastern Africa.


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