STTA’s 3rd Regional Green Tourism Summit now just weeks away


(Posted 06th May 2017)

The 3rd Regional Green Tourism Summit will take place at the new Park Inn Westlands in Nairobi / Kenya from the 13th to 15th of June, bringing together an array of internationally acknowledged speakers over the three day event.
This conference will highlight the need of East Africa’s tourism industry to go green and stay green, i.e. embrace sustainability cornerstones in its corporate strategies to ensure the long term survival of wildlife and nature based tourism.

Recently published here ( were the names of some of the speakers and Ms. Judy Kepher-Gona, the Executive Director of Nairobi based STTA, has now also spoken up again on the summit when she said earlier today to this correspondent:

Whichever way you look at tourism, the future of the sector is in being sustainable and inclusive. Are you ready for this future? Green Tourism Summit will give you road map to this sustainable and inclusive future

Join us for 3rd Green Tourism Summit and discover what is driving & defining sustainability in tourism. Come learn how industry is responding from award winning case studies and research, to help you fix any broken systems and benefit from effective engagement.

The Green Tourism Summit is the only SUSTAINABLE TOURISM LAB in the region. It is the place to fix broken systems. All progressive tourism practitioners and supporting organisations (public & private) should not miss this opportunity to reflect, review and refocus their sustainability agenda in line with global trends. Participants benefit from case studies, research, and experience of 15 specialist speakers on diverse topics that define sustainability in the 21st century‘.

Check out the STTA website via for updates on the latest programme line up and speaker timings and register for the event to keep abreast with the latest information about not just going green but staying green in the long run.


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  1. Posted by DUNCAN on May 8, 2017 at 14:56

    Very nice platform to share the Sustainability Agenda.
    Kindly assist me on the way I can be able to subscribe to your blog


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