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UNWTO Candidate St. Ange confirms that Halal Tourism high on his agenda


(Posted 02nd May 2017)

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Candidate for Secretary General of the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) was in Bangkok during the last couple of days for the WTTC 2017 Summit. Alain St.Ange is the immediate former Seychelles Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine who resigned his post to pursue his candidacy without compromising the needs of his county to have an active tourism minister dedicated to the industry and not travelling the world seeking office. St. Ange in recent weeks has been calling on Tourism Ministers across the world to seek support for the Seychelles candidacy.

This election would make history because it is the first time that Africa has a candidate who could see the Continent get through to the second round of voting and pull the seat of SG‘ said St.Ange who went on to spell out that the election for SG is undertaken by ministers serving on the UNWTO Executive Council and votes are needed right across the tourism world to be elected.

After his meeting with Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavvrangkul of Thailand and with her Senior Officials as well as with Senior Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alain St.Ange met with Dr Thong Khon, the Minister of Tourism of Cambodia.

This was not the first meeting between Minister Khon and Mr St.Ange. The Seychelles Minister participated in the UNWTO / UNESCO meeting on Tourism and Culture in Cambodia and Cambodia is one of the ASEAN countries that sent a cultural delegation to participate in the Seychelles annual Carnaval International de Victoria. Discussions at this latest meeting centred od growing the tourism cake and the coming UNWTO elections.

The next stop on Alain St.Ange was Jakarta on Indonesia where he met with the press to highlight the need for a UNWTO Regional Office in the ASEAN Block as well as highlights of his Mission Statement as a UNWTO Candidate for Secretary General.

Alain St.Ange also took time to speak at length on what he calls Muslim Tourism or Halal Tourism. ‘I chose to talk about this niche market here in Indonesia because you have the largest Muslim Population. Respecting your religion is a fundamental part of my Statement of Intent as the Seychelles Candidate. Understanding each other as people will pave the way for a more peaceful world‘ said St.Ange before quoting the words of President Nelson Mandela on the need to respect.

President Nelson Mandela of South Africa said: For to be Free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to love in a way that respects & enhances the freedom of others. These words strengthen the Seychelles call for a tourism industry without discrimination, and respect the Muslim world falls squarely in this call‘ said Alain St.Ange before adding that every one of the six candidates wanting to take over as SG of UNWTO should declare publicly that they are against all forms of discrimination, religious discrimination among them.

St.Ange also invited the press to get hold of the Statements of Intent by each of the six candidates vying to be SG and to read it as this in itself is an eye opener. With No Program the world of tourism will just be another body with no agenda he said.

St. Ange is now in Lucerne, Switzerland on invitation of the Head of the World Tourism Forum to participate in various activities and explain his platform and call for ‘TOURISM FOR ALL WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION‘ among the participants.

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The 5th World Tourism Forum in Lucerne welcomes Alain St. Ange


(Posted 02nd May 2017)

With the dirty tricks campaign against UNWTO Secretary General candidate Alain St. Ange exposed as just that, a mudslinging affair by one particular candidate’s campaign offices, is the Seychellois candidate travelling to the Swiss city of Lucerne to participate in the upcoming 5th World Tourism Forum discussions.

Around 500 participants from 70 countries will walk the talk and work on new business models, share inspiring personal stories and build valuable friendships and create networks among themselves. Alain St.Ange will on invitation by the organizers be part of the Think Tank Session on Tourism. Like at previous years he was personally invited by Mr. Martin Barth, the President and CEO of the World Tourism Forum.

The World Tourism Forum is the last major Tourism Event before the 12th of May elections which determine who will be the next Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). From Lucerne Alain St.Ange said to to this correspondent that he will be flying back to Seychelles before heading to Madrid for the elections next week.

The Lucerne event is seen as the gathering of key tourism personalities which remains important networking opportunities. ‘In uncertain times a strong sense of community and good personal relationships can be especially important for success‘ the World Tourism Forum Organisers says.

CEOs, Ministers, Investors and Professors join together at the World Tourism Forum to meet the next Generation and build on such strong relations.

It is expected that candidates for the top job at UNWTO will be questioned by media about their stand vis a vis discrimination issues raised by St. Ange over the past weeks and pin down those who cannot look them into the eye and declare a stand which may be contrary to their own governments’ positions back home.

UNWTO presents recommendations on use of ratings and reviews


(Posted 02nd May 2017)

Tourism stakeholders have convened in Krakow, Poland, in the 3th World Tourism Organization International Congress on Ethics to underline the need to continue advancing the ethical framework of the sector. The event, which was conducted on 26-28 April, is one of the pillars of the ‘Enhancing the Understanding of European Tourism’ Project, implemented by UNWTO in cooperation with the European Commission.

The Krakow Conference has served to present the UNWTO Recommendations on the Responsible Use of Ratings and Reviews on digital platforms. The guidelines were developed by the World Committee on Tourism Ethics (WCTE) with the collaboration of TripAdvisor, Minube and Yelp.

Online ratings and reviews are now playing a major role in tourism. The purpose of these new recommendations by the World Committee on Tourism Ethics is to ensure that all actors are playing fair and transparent‘ Said Pascal Lamy, Chair of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics.

The UNWTO Recommendations on the responsible use of ratings and reviews on digital platforms are a groundbreaking work resulting from a strong partnership and engagement of TripAdvisor, Minube and Yelp. We know that ratings and reviews are today critical for consumer decisions and UNWTO and the World Committee on Tourism Ethics could not have advanced this important work without them‘ said UNWTO Secretary-General Dr.Taleb Rifai.

On the same occasion TripAdvisor has signed the Private Sector Commitment to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. In the last years, TripAdvisor has become the largest site of travel-related content with more than 500 million of traveler reviews. The incorporation of TripAdvisor to the signatories of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism enhances the potential of this non-binding document which is the major guidance global text on responsible tourism.

The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) is a comprehensive set of principles designed to guide key-players in tourism development. Addressed to governments, the travel industry, communities and tourists alike, it aims to help maximize the sector’s benefits while minimizing its potentially negative impact on the environment, cultural heritage and societies across the globe.

Adopted in 1999 by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization, its acknowledgement by the United Nations two years later expressly encouraged UNWTO to promote the effective follow-up of its provisions. Although not legally binding at this stage, the Code features a voluntary implementation mechanism through its recognition of the role of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics (WCTE), to which stakeholders may refer matters concerning the application and interpretation of the document.

Since 2011 a total of 513 companies and associations from 69 countries have adhered to the Private Sector Commitment to the Code, pledging to promote and implement its principles and report the actions taken in that respect to UNWTO on a regular basis.

Additional information:

UNWTO Recommendations on the Responsible Use of Ratings and Reviews on digital platforms

Rhinos set to return to Rwanda


(Posted 02nd May 2017)

Twenty Eastern Black Rhinos are being prepared for translocation from South Africa to Rwanda over the space of the next two weeks according to confirmation received earlier today from both African Parks – the managers of Rwanda’s Akagera National Park – and the Rwanda Development Board.

The effort is supported by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the Dutch Government and the People’s Postcode Lottery.
Rhinos are one of the great symbols of Africa yet they are severely threatened and are on the decline in many places across the continent due to the extremely lucrative and illegal rhino horn trade‘ said African Parks CEO Peter Fearnhead. ‘The rhino’s return to this country however is a testament to Rwanda’s extraordinary commitment to conservation and is another milestone in the restoration of Akagera’s natural diversity‘.

Since 2010, African Parks has overhauled law enforcement in the park, reducing poaching to an all-time low in six years and today the park is flourishing. Seven lions were successfully reintroduced in 2015, whose population has since more than doubled. Security measures have been implemented specifically to ensure the safety and well-being of the rhinos once in the park. This includes an expertly-trained rhino tracking and protection team, a canine anti-poaching unit, and the deployment of a helicopter for critical air surveillance to enhance protection of the park – all made possible with funding provided by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. ‘The return of the rhinos to Rwanda’s Akagera National Park opens a new chapter in our conservation journey and we are grateful to all our partners that contributed to this achievement. We are fully prepared to welcome them and ensure their safety for the benefit of our tourism industry and the community at large. We couldn’t be more excited for their return‘ said Clare Akamanzi CEO- Rwanda Development Board.

Several years ago, as we were struggling to have success combating rhino poaching in other parts of Africa, I made a commitment to President Kagame that we would support the reintroduction of rhinos in Rwanda because we knew this country would protect them‘ said Howard G. Buffett, Chairman and CEO of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. ‘Today marks another milestone in Rwanda’s emerging leadership on the continent in conservation, eco-tourism and most importantly, good governance‘.

The Rwandan success also exposes as pseudo conservationists those naysayers in Kenya who tried to derail the lion relocation which was initially meant to received a core breeding population from Kenya but later on had to source the cats from South Africa too after the opinions among Kenyan conservation fraternity were unnecessarily heated up at the time. Subsequently did Rwanda then opt to also source their Eastern Black Rhinos from South Africa instead of having to go through the same delaying tactics by the same individuals again.

With fewer than 5,000 black rhino remaining across their range in the wild, of which approximately 1,000 are the Eastern black rhino subspecies, this reintroduction is an urgent, progressive, and valuable opportunity for their conservation, and serves as a story of hope for the species.

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