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Seychelles and Kenya to cooperate in tourism developments


(Posted 04th April 2017)

President Faure congratulates Serbian President-elect Aleksandar Vucic following election win

President Danny Rollen Faure ended this two day State Visit to Kenya yesterday, returning to the Seychelles with good news for the country.
Among several agreements reached with the Kenyan government were deals covering tourism cooperation, fishing cooperation, security cooperation to keep the Indian Ocean waters safe and shipping lanes secure and a deal to cooperate in agricultural developments including the importation of beef and poultry products from Kenya.
Notably will opportunities be given the Kenyan teachers to come to the Seychelles and teach there as educational cooperation too was advanced.
The two tourism boards, Kenya Tourism and Seychelles Tourism, will also move closer together to explore common interests, largely seen in establishing cruise links between the ports of Victoria and Mombasa.
The concept of two centre holidays, combining the ‘Big Five‘ with the ‘Best Five‘ was developed some time ago already for tourists to sample Kenya’s safari parks before flying to the Seychelles and explore the archipelago’s beaches and marine parks.
This was the first State Visit to Kenya by President Faure who wished President Kenyatta and the people of Kenya well ahead of the upcoming elections.

Manno’s Extraordinary Story

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy tells Manno’s story


Dear Readers of ATC News,

After four long months in solitary quarantine, rescued chimpanzee Manno has taken his first steps inside Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, and seen other chimpanzees for the first time since he was a baby.

Friday 31st March marked the end of Manno’s mandatory quarantine period, four months after he landed in Kenya from northern Iraq where he was rescued. Among his welcoming party was Spencer Sekyer, a volunteer who initiated Manno’s rescue from appalling conditions about 3 years ago. Spencer made the trip from Canada to be here on Manno’s big day. Also on hand was Kenya Wildlife Service vet, Dr. Kariuki, Ol Pejeta’s in-house vet, Dr. Stephen Ngulu, and the incredible chimpanzee caretaker team at Sweetwaters.

The amazing team of caretakers at Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Dr. Kariuki, the KWS vet, leads the way when it’s time to move Manno’s crate to his new home.

Manno was released into his own pen at the chimpanzee house, a building made up of several big integration enclosure connected to the outdoor Sanctuary, separated by a central corridor. This is where the chimpanzees come to sleep at night – we like to think of them more like dormitories. The central corridor allows the caretakers to conduct checks every evening, making sure all the chimpanzees are healthy and happy.

“He was so happy when he stepped out of his crate into his new home” said Stephen Mukundi, his caretaker “he was running around greeting all his human friends who were there to support him.”

Now we need your help to make his integration enclosure­ a cozy, entertaining oasis, as we settle him into his new home.

Please donate for Manno

Manno’s integration into the Sweetwaters group will be a very gradual process. Snatched from his mother at a young age, Manno cannot remember what another chimpanzee sounds like, let alone how they look, or how he should behave around them. His pen is 20 metres away from the others, so he will be able to watch other chimpanzees, maybe even talk to them, without any physical interaction. This is for his safety and mental wellbeing – chimpanzees can be aggressive and unpredictable, and we do not want to overwhelm Manno or put him in any danger.

“This is the beginning of a social journey for Manno. Through integration he will learn to love as a chimpanzee and enjoy the happiness of living in a family. Something he has never experienced before.” said David Mundia, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Supervisor.

For the next 6 to 12 months, the Sweetwaters team will work around the clock to help Manno settle in to his new surroundings. When they feel he is ready, they will introduce him to ‘foster mum’ Akela.

Much like Manno, Akela had a difficult start in life at the hands of humans. She was a victim of the pet trade, kept in a small cage in an apartment for years until she was finally rescued. She has grown into a playful, loving chimpanzee at Sweetwaters, and has experience in adopting young chimps. Her strong mothering instinct would be perfect for little Manno.

It is really important Manno feels safe and happy in his new environment. We want to install hanging ropes for him to swing on, a hammock for him to rest and enrichment puzzles and trough feeders. We also would like to make an artificial termite mound so he can practice the ‘fishing’ behavior of his wild relatives. He requires a diet rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minirals. He also still needs milk. We’re trying to raise $5,000.

Please donate for Manno

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Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Private Bag, Nanyuki 10400

New name for Air Zimbabwe?


(Posted 04th April 2017)

Reports are emerging from Harare that the Zimbabwean government appears keen to inject a new lease of life into Air Zimbabwe, the national airline of the country. The source from Harare made a case that the government, while attempting to find ways and means – given the budgetary constraints the country is faced with – to procure additional aircraft for the airline but was at the same time also open to taking in a strategic investor with the proven capacity to turn ailing national carriers around.
The subsequent speculation was fueled to a large part by comments attributed to a very senior Ethiopian Airlines executive who reportedly said: ‘It all depends on the political will of the government of Zimbabwe, and on how they want to put it, whether it is going to be a joint venture or management consultancy. Ethiopian Airlines is ready for all that‘.
In the past has Ethiopian turned around the national airline of Malawi, after Air Malawi was liquidates and a joint venture carrier, Malawian Airlines, launched two years ago. Also has the source in Harare not ruled out a name change for the national airline should a joint venture emerge from present behind the scenes talks similar to what happened in Malawi.
Given other ventures Ethiopian has entered into, such as West Africa’s most successful airline ASKY, are Zimbabweans now looking forward to hearing substantive announcements being made by both parties soon, in regard of new aircraft as well as in regard of a closer cooperation with Ethiopian Airlines.
Notably has a recent visit by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister to Tanzania also prompted speculation that Africa’s most successful airline may offer support to Air Tanzania, which is undergoing a government prompted revival with the acquisition of new aircraft including two Bombardier CS300 and one Boeing B787 Dreamliner.

Safari Classic Rally 2017 News Updates

Updates on the East African Safari Classic Rally

Here is the third newsletter for the Safari Classic Rally 2017: our entry list continues to grow and shipping details are now available!
Welcome to the third newsletter for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally. We hope you enjoy reading our latest news. Feel free to email pictures of your preparations for the 2017 Safari Classic Rally through to media for inclusion in the next edition. Please contact us with any questions: we look forward to hearing from you!
Entry list continues to grow for 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally
New entries continue to arrive for this year’s Safari Classic Rally. Amongst the latest additions to the official entry list for this year’s event are our friends from Poland, the NAC rally team with a Mercedes 350 SLC rally car replacing the 450 SLC that took part in 2015.

The choice of smaller Mercedes V8 engine is an interesting one. Mariusz from the NAC team tells us that testing is going well and has sent us some video of the car in action (see below). The high level intake is an interesting addition and the car looks lighter on its wheels with the increased ground clearance.

It’s always exciting to watch new rally cars being put through their paces: we can’t wait to see it back in Africa! Share your preparations: email us here!

NAC Rally Team - Mercedes 350 SLC - testy
Watch the NAC Rally Team’s all new Mercedes 350 SLC rally car in testing!
Shipping Details now online
Competitor information update number two is now available for download on the Safari Classic website, with information on final shipping dates and other specifications for cars being sent to Mombasa using our partners at WEC Lines (click here to download).

The latest dates of shipping from Europe are circa September 20. It may be better if cars are shipped a little earlier, but this may result in additional storage charges in Mombasa if earlier than four weeks. Contact us with any questions.

Official Rally Tour and Safari
The official East African Safari Classic Rally tour is an amazing opportunity to experience the awesome splendour of African landscapes and wildlife. It also affords plenty of time to watch the rally action unfolding on the world’s toughest historic motorsport event.

Few experiences compare to exploring the wilds of Kenya and Tanzania by following the legendary Safari Classic Rally through some of our planet’s most famous wildlife reserves and ecological wonders. Our official tour is a truly memorable East African experience.

Download details of the official Rally Tour and Safari here. Contact us for more information.

Rally Cars for Hire
Malcolm Destro has emailed to let us know about his Datsun 260Z, which is available to hire for this year’s Safari Classic Rally. "This car has an impressive record of finishes and is available as a turn-key package for the 2017 event," says Malcolm.

  • 2015 Safari Classic: 16th overall/second-placed Datsun
  • 2013 Safari Classic: 14th overall and Meritorious Award
  • 2013 KCB Safari Rally: 2nd position

"The car will be backed up with an extensive spares package, management crew, service team, service equipment and vehicles. This 260Z is based in Kenya and the driver/navigator options are flexible, if local expertise is required."

Email Malcolm here or call +254 727817017 for further details.

Escorts for hire (or for sale)

Our friend Bobby Sehmi at the Performance Auto Centre in Nairobi has classic Mk 1 and Mk2 Ford Escorts prepared to Group 4 specification available to hire (or for sale) for the 2017 Safari Classic Rally. Call Bobby on +254 722 527215 during normal office hours or email him here to discuss.

New Tracking System tested on Route Survey
Our recent route surveys for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally through Kenya and Tanzania included rigorous testing of a brand new Tag Heuer tracking system.

Tracking was monitored both ‘live’ and from a central control office, based in Portugal. Testing proved the tracking system connection and system coverage to be reliable over more than 99% of the provisional route: an excellent result. The tracking system features the familiar emergency button, while an integrated vehicle proximity warning system as debuted in 2015 is currently in development.

We are confident that this year’s tracking system will further improve on the highly-regarded system used in 2013. This system was the overwhelming favourite amongst competitors on recent Safari Classic rallies, but sadly it is now no longer available.

Photos by Ishy Renu Photography
Stefano Rocca’s Safari Entry: a classic Datsun HLS30/240Z
Italy’s Stefano Rocca has competed on a number of Safari rallies and several Safari Classic rallies too. Stefano and co-driver, Piers Daykin, have been preparing a Datsun HLS 30/240Z for the 2017 running of the world’s toughest historic motorsport event.

Relating to pre-1973 Datsun Z models, HLS30 is a famous chassis number prefix in Safari Rally history. Offering strong power in a nimble chassis, the 240Z did well in rallying. Driven by Edgar Hermann and Hans Schuller, the number 11 car seen above finished first overall in the 1971 Safari Rally. Nissan’s Heritage Collection also includes the Safari-winning car from 1973, which was driven by Shekhar Mehta and Lofty Drews.

This great photo (below) by Eric Santos shows Stefano’s HLS30 in a similar pose on the recent Top Fry 100 rally. Sadly, the 240Z was forced to retire in unfortunate circumstances.

"The body shell was purchased in the US, but the car has been built 100% in Kenya," says Stefano. "Early preparation to rally standard was done with the help of Mike Mwangi, a very good mechanic who has been working all his life with John and Lee Rose, in Nakuru.

"After the preliminary construction, we built our own workshop in Timau (Nanyuki) and, with Piers Daykin who, in addition to being an extremely good and skilled mechanic is also my navigator, we have developed it to a very high standard: it is state of the art.

"We tried the car at the Baringo Classic Rally during December 2016 and were very satisfied. Unfortunately, the engine melted in the middle of the fourth competitive section because of fake V Power fuel purchased at a gas station in Nakuru."

The engine damage has now been repaired and the car will soon be back to full health. We look forward to seeing it on the Safari Classic Rally later this year!

Send us your story

We love to hear how our competitors and their crews came to Safari and the stories of your preparations and ambitions. We look forward to sharing all photos and stories across our channels between now and the start of the rally. Send your Safari stories to media.

Download the latest rally bulletins
For those interested in attending the 2017 Safari Classic Rally or taking part in the event, there is plenty of information available to download on our website.

The full Rally Regulations and the Official Entry Form for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally are both available for download here.

Other downloads include updates to the rally regulations, information on hotel upgrades, details of shipping to Mombasa with our partners and technical waiver request forms.

Email us with any questions regarding our rally or to discuss the 2017 event.

Safari Social Media: Follow our Channels
The East African Safari Classic Rally is active across many social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or check out our website by using the buttons below. Tag us in your pics or share your content with us using the hashtag #safariclassic !
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Atta – African Travel and Tourism Association – News Summary 03rd of April 2017

Updates from the African Travel and Tourism Association …
… and while at it, why not join this organization where everything
is from and about Africa …

Weekly members news summary from Atta – The African Travel and Tourism Association
Atta Header Banner
Dear Readers of ATC News,

Please find below this week’s summary of the Atta members news featuring news from across the African continent and beyond.

Atta Members Weekly News Summary
03 April 2017

VFAPU Scouts to Receive Gas Stoves Donation 
Africa Albida Tourism
A Harare business, Naklon Trading, has generously donated 17 two-plate gas stoves and cylinders Read More

New UK cabin baggage requirements
British Airways
British Airways is complying with the UK Government’s new security requirements for cabin baggage Read More

Rita Pires, African Bush Camps Chief Marketing Officer
African Bush Camps
African Bush Camps is delighted to announce the appointment of Rita Pires to the position of Chief Marketing Officer Read More

Airlink Increases Frequency between Nelspruit and Vilanculos
Airlink will during 2017 be increasing the frequency of its flights operating between Nelspruit KMIA and Vilanculos, Mozambique Read More

SATIB Advisory: Lightning
SATIB Insurance Brokers
Lightning – Part One – What You Should Already Know? Read More

Tourism Player Welcomes First New International Airline into Victoria Falls
Africa Albida
The launch of Ethiopian Airlines’ new route into Zimbabwe’s top resort town has been hailed as “a significant catalyst for tourism growth in Zimbabwe and across the region” by hospitality industry leader Ross Kennedy Read More

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa Join The Prestigious Relais & Châteaux Family
Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa
Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa are delighted to announce that after undertaking a rigorous selection process, they have been selected to become a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux organization Read More

Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways to Revamp Codeshare Services
Ethiopian Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways, both members of Star Alliance, have entered into an expanded codeshare agreement Read More

Expanding Times at Sera Conservancy with Saruni Rhino
Saruni Camps
Saruni is thrilled to share the news that 3 rhinos are expecting in the Rhino Sanctuary in Sera Community Conservancy in northern Kenya Read More

Sabi Sabi Guest Conservation Contribution Update
Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve
Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve implemented the Guest Conservation Contribution (GCC) on the 1st March 2016 Read More

Ethiopian cycling tours get front cover of Cyclist Magazine
Tadele Travel
The new road cycling tours launched by Ethiopia Specialist Tadele Travel features over 20 pages in the latest issue of Cyclist magazine Read More

Asilia to open new camp in the Selous Game Reserve
Asilia Africa
Asilia are excited to announce that a new camp will be joining the pack this year in a new area for Asilia Read More

Corporate Council on Africa News Updates


Ethiopian Airlines Launches Two New Cargo Routes to Europe Aviation tribune
Ethiopian Airlines – “With the largest and most modern dedicated Freighter fleet and the largest Cargo Network connecting African countries with their major trading partners around . .. Read more>>

Tanzania, Ethiopia leaders announce plans to link countries via cargo hubCGTN
The two leaders announced plans to build Africa’s biggest cargo hub in Dar es Salaam, linking the city’s port with Ethiopia’s international airline. They have also agreed on a number of other areas….See video>>


Uganda: Government to Scrap Taxes On Hotels AllAfrica
Kampala — Government is finalising arrangements to have taxes on hotels in the country either scrapped or reduced so as to enable entrepreneurs invest in the business to attract more tourists… Read more>>

Zanzibar tourism attracting more emerging markets including the Gulf region
Zanzibar is witnessing a renaissance in tourism as the sector continues to attract international operators from new markets. … Read more>>

ATA Passport to Africa News

News updates from the Africa Travel Association

Read the March-April 2017 ATA Passport to Africa Newsletter

Welcome to ATA’s March-April Newsletter!

ATA Passport to Africa features the latest member and Africa travel industry news. If you are an ATA member and would like to share your stories, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you!


President’s Message

As most of you know, I began my new role as the third President and CEO of the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) on January 23rd. To me, CCA presents a unique, exciting opportunity to work in one of the most dynamic places today: Africa. I am honored to have been chosen by the board of directors and especially eager to work with you all. More
Read More

New Tourism Conference Dates Announced

We happily announced our new confirmed tourism conference dates for 28-31 August 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda. Please visit the conference website,, for details and ongoing updates.

11th Biennial U.S.-Africa Business Summit in Washington, D.C.

The Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) will host its flagship Biennial U.S.-Africa Business Summit on June 13-16, 2017 in Washington, DC. The 2017 U.S.-Africa Business Summit will be CCA’s 11th Summit and first major conference under the leadership of new President and CEO, Florizelle Liser. More


Ethiopian Airlines launches new route to Victoria Falls

When its Boeing 737 touched down on 26 March 2017, Ethiopian Airlines became the first new international airline to launch flights into the new Victoria Falls International Airport which opened last November.
Read More

South African Airways Adds Capacity on Victoria Falls Route with the Introduction of Wide-Body Aircraft

With the expansion of the Victoria Falls International Airport in Zimbabwe, South African Airways has increased capacity between Johannesburg and the popular leisure destination of Victoria Falls.
Read More

Special Offer: SkiftEDU Travel PR Course

ATA has partnered with Skift to offer you a 20% OFF discount to their online learning course on travel PR. This SkiftEDU course is a self-paced workshop, designed so that you can complete it in an intense series of days or experience it over multiple weeks, depending on your goals.
Read More

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Events Corner
UGANDA CULTURE & CUISINE in WASHINGTON DC: April 18-19, 2017. Officials from the Uganda Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities will join the World Bank to celebrate a “Taste of Uganda.” Ugandan chefs based in the D.C. area will offer a traditional lunch served from noon until 2:30 p.m. in the main dining room of the World Bank (1818 H St., NW). Reservations are required in advance and can be made by contacting uganda by April 13, 2017.
WORLD TRAVEL MARKET AFRICA Registration is open for one of the leading global travel trade events! In 2016, WTM Africa saw almost 5,000 travel professionals network and conduct business. WTM Africa will take place from April 19-21, 2017 at the CTICC in Cape Town, South Africa. Register for free today on to attend this top travel trade show.
NY TRAV FEST: NY Trav Fest takes place April 20-23, 2017 in New York City. Whether you’re a travel industry professional(or would like to be), content creator or justsomeone who loves to travel, NY Trav Fest is a place where you will feel welcome.
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