More airlines push into the Dodoma market


(Posted 28th March 2017)

When the Magufuli government came into office did airlines feel the pinch the hardest when a ‘travel ban‘ imposed on civil servants impacted on the load factors of local carriers like Fastjet and Precision Air.
Of late however have better fortunes returned to the aviation industry as the government has started to progressively shift ministries and other departments to the political capital of Dodoma – IATA DOD / ICAO HTDO – in the centre of the sprawling East African nation.Elevated at 3.637 feet does the airport have an 8.000 feet long paved runway, allowing larger twin engined turboprop and small jet aircraft to safely land and take off from Dodoma.
Several airlines have already added Dodoma to their flight schedules or increased their number of flights to cater for the increase in travel activity by MP’s and government officials, among them Air Tanzania, Auric Air and more recently also Flightlink.
Flightlink in August last year added an Embraer Brasilia 120 turboprop aircraft which can seat 30 passengers and which will be deployed on the airline’s new route from 01st of April onwards and then perform daily flights.


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