Second new Twin Otter arrives on Mahe


(Posted 23rd March 2017)

The second brand new Twin Otter DHC 6-400, registered as S7-FAR, arrived earlier today on the Seychelles’ main island of Mahe and was welcomed by the airline’s CEO Roy Kinnear, members of the Board of Directors, dignitaries and staff members.
Named after the island of Farquhar is this aircraft a sistership to the Ilse de Praslin which had arrived less than two weeks earlier after an equally lengthy ferry flight from Canada.
The first of the two new brand new planes, Air Seychelles now again has 6 state of the art Twin Otters in service, has already commenced daily scheduled and charter flights while Isle of Farquhar will join as soon as this coming weekend, carrying locals and tourists alike on domestic routes.Air Seychelles has been flying this aircraft type successfully for decades and has over the past three years completely exchanged the fleet, out with the old and in with the new.
Next to join the fleet is likely to be another Airbus A330 to boost the intercontinental fleet of the airline before the launch of scheduled flights to Duesseldorf and and increase in A330 services to other destinations.


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