Wilson Airport to Mombasa flights offer much needed competition and choices


(Posted 22nd March 2017)

As reported recently here will Skyward launch daily Nairobi via Mombasa to Lamu services in ten days time.
Notably though will the airline, based at Wilson Airport, offer a double daily flight to Mombasa as only one of the services will extend to Lamu. The aircraft used for the service will be a single class Bombardier Dash 8-300 aircraft of which the airline operates three.
This serves notice to operators based at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport flying to Kenya’s port city that competition is in the air and with Wilson Airport sparing passengers the worst of the experiences of having to go to JKIA, it will no doubt become a very viable alternative for all those seeking to reduce the hassles associated with air travel these days.
Wilson Airport is much closer to the city and its main suburbs and is generally perceived to be much more user friendly compared to the often rigid security checks at the ‘big brother’ airport.
Fares too appear to be more userfriendly with tickets selling for as low as 7.000 Kenya Shillings, slightly more than the lowest fare of low cost rivals from JKIA but then also saving on the added transport cost to the more distant international airport.
Airline sources have also suggested that once the flights to Mombasa and Lamu have taken root will Ukunda and Kisumu come next, also to be served out of Wilson Airport, again giving passengers the option to choose a ‘friendlier‘ facility over the perceived more ‘unfriendly‘ JKIA.


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