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Corporate Council on Africa News Updates


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South Sudan raises aviation service fees


(Posted 20th March 2017)

While reporting about a plane crash in the South Sudanese town of Wau, did other related information come to light about a massive hike in landing charges for international airlines flying to Juba.
Information just received speaks of 4.000 US Dollars per aircraft landing while parking fees are now US Dollars 420.
The airport tax for international passengers, according to the source passing the information from Juba, is now pegged at 122 US Dollars.
The South Sudanese government, broke since the outbreak of civil strife and the failure of the Addis Ababa peace accord, has been desperately trying to raise revenues, among the measure a 10.000 US Dollar work permit fee for professional foreign employees such as bank managers, also described at the time by the private sectors from across Eastern Africa as counterproductive as it would only lead to the rapid withdrawal of companies from South Sudan, leaving an already free falling economy in further tatters.
The measures taken to raise aviation fees is likely to further drive fares to Juba up and some airlines are expected to reduce flights in response to the new charges which are effective with immediate effect.

Plane crash reported from Wau / South Sudan


(Posted 20th March 2017)

(Picture courtesy of @eyeradiojuba)

A passenger aircraft enroute from South Sudan’s capital of Juba crashed on landing at the northern town of Wau, according to information received a short while ago.
Tweets seen from @eyeradiojuba speak of at least 9 passenger having been pulled from the wreck though other information speaks of at least 30 passengers and crew on board the stricken aircraft while other figures given put the number of people on board to as many as 40. Those injured were taken to a local hospital in Wau and no details are at this stage available about their condition.
The aircraft, a Fokker 50, which was operated by South Supreme Airline, a company registered in South Sudan, as per the picture available burned out on the ground and hope is fading that there will be more survivors of this crash.South Sudan has a history of plane crashes as regulatory oversight is weak at best and almost absent at worst, compounded by years of internal strife which has seen civil aviation staff go unpaid for months at end.

The crashed aircraft has had a previous accident in Aweil three years ago. The registration number is C5-SSA, MSN 20138 and was delivered new to Philippines Airlines in 1988 before repeatedly changing owners until joining the South Supreme Airlines fleet in mid 2013.
Supreme Airlines has not at this stage responded to enquiries.
Additional information is expected to come in over the coming hours and updates will be available right here, so watch this space.


The latest information received now confirms that apparently all passengers managed to escape from the aircraft before it was consumed by fire. The number of those on board was given as 40 passengers and 5 crew members. 

There is no indication as yet on the cause of the accident and an investigation into the causes is going underway in the morning. 

Atta – African Travel and Tourism Association – News Summary 20 March 2017

More news updates from the African Travel and Tourism Association
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Weekly members news summary from Atta – The African Travel and Tourism Association
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Please find below this week’s summary of the Atta members news featuring news from across the African continent and beyond.

Atta Members Weekly News Summary
20 March 2017

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Golden Tulip next entrant into the Kampala hospitality market?


(Posted 20th March 2017)


With a market presence across Eastern Africa already established – Golden Tulip now manages properties in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda – has speculation grown over the anticipated opening of a hotel in Kampala.
Hospitality sources have indicated that recruitment of key personnel is apparently underway in Kampala and while the company has not gone on record or released any statements to the effect of opening a hotel in the Ugandan capital can this not be ruled out given the efforts made by recruiters trying to tap into the HR pools of other leading hotels in the city.
Golden Tulip, now part of Louvre Hotels with its three brands of Golden Tulip, Royal Tulip and Tulip Inn – initially formed in Holland – has through the recent acquisition by Louvre of Sarovar of India become a global player with now 1.170 hotels and over 91.000 rooms in 51 countries. Additional brands under the group are such names as Première Classe, Campanile and Kyriad. The principal owner of Louvre Hotels is China’s Jin Jiang International, one of that country’s leading travel and hospitality multinationals.
A General Manager for the Kampala property has reportedly already been put into place and more details, as and when available, will be published here.

UNWTO candidate Dho Young-shim placed outside the top three by ‘The Diplomat’


(Posted 20th March 2017)

Two periodic sources from South Asia have on condition of anonymity voiced their opinion over an article in Spain’s ‘The Diplomat’ of the 17th of March in which it was suggested that the Brazilian, Georgian and Zimbabwean candidates are the three front runners for the post of UNWTO Secretary General.

It is understood that the campaign of Mrs. Dho Young-shim was unhappy as they consider her the frontrunner for the global tourism top job, having reportedly secured already two of the 10 African votes besides commitments from Asia and Europe.
The Dho campaign, which in an unprecedented move has seen her nominate Prof. Carlos Vogeler as her second in command, appears to believe their main rivals are Brazilian Marcio Favilla and Seychelles’ Alain St. Ange. Those two it has been suggested by the sources, are seen as the main threat to secure the wanted outcome in the second round of the election, which takes place in May in Madrid when the Executive Committee of UNWTO meets to take their two votes – the second then only among the two ‘surviving’ candidates with all others eliminated in round one.
Both Dho and Vogeler are deeply entrenched in UNWTO and currently hold top positions already and are believed to have quietly campaigned among the electoral college members to maintain the ‘Status Quo‘ for some time before putting their hat in the ring.
What foundation ‘The Diplomat‘ had for its assertion that the three named are indeed the frontrunners, has apparently been questioned by other candidates too whose name were relegated into the ‘also run‘ category and it is left to speculation what motives prompted the writer to cross swords with those other candidates in such a fashion, including the Dho – Vogeler team.
The clock is now ticking towards the meeting of the Executive Committee in May in Madrid and all candidates will no doubt be visible and present at all key tourism events from here on to lobby for themselves, some from a position of a moral high ground and others from the trenches throwing mud.
Watch this space!

Air Austral selected as preferred strategic partner for Air Madagascar


(Posted 20th March 2017)


Following a meeting of the Board of Directors of Air Madagascar has the airline, following an extensive search for a strategic partner and investor, recommended to the government of Madagascar that Reunion’s home airline, Air Austral, be considered as the preferred airline.
There has been sustained speculation over the upcoming privatisation exercise of the Malagasy national airline after seven carriers were shortlisted, Air Austral among them.
Air Madagascar has also received a renewal of the coveted IOSA certification while the European Union’s EASA, short for European Aviation Safety Agency has renewed their EASA Part 145 approvals for the airline, a major accomplishment since exiting the notorious EU aviation black list some time ago.
Air Austral and Air Madagascar are already cooperating with a code shared flight to China and once the government in Antananarivo approves the deal both Reunion, where Air Austral is based and Madagascar are expected to reap major benefits through increased air travel.
Air Austral, through their subsidiary EWA Air based in Mayotte, now also offers a once a week connection to Tanzania’s commercial capital Dar es Salaam though passengers out of St. Denis Roland Garros International Airport need to change planes in Mayotte for the final sector.
In a related development was it also learned that Air Austral apparently plans to launch flights to New York’s JFK in October this year, though details are presently sketchy apart from suggestions the flight will route via Frankfurt.

Flight Reunion Marseilles - Air Austral

Direct flight New York From October 2017


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