The Good Safari Guide is wondering … Have they missed anyone?

Have we missed anywhere?

Can you help us..

The shiny, new Good Safari Guide website has just gone live, listing the 300+ best safari lodges in Africa.

We’ve rarely overlooked a great safari lodge since 2005 when the Good Safari Guide began, and we don’t want to start now. So we’d love your help..

Do you know a lodge that you think should be part of the Good Safari Guide? A really fabulous lodge or camp that you’ve been to, and would visit again in a heartbeat? Hit reply and let our editors know.

What is a Good Safari Guide lodge?

  • ‘Safari’ luxury or uber luxury
  • Comprised of the best team, particularly the guiding team
  • Of the highest international standards both behind the scenes and front of house
  • Considerate of the environment and local communities
  • Usually owner-run and managed
  • Wow factor – perhaps the location, the architecture, the food. When you experience it, you just know it.

We’d love to hear your ideas for the best safari lodges in Africa, so please do take a minute to hit reply and let us know if we’ve missed anywhere. If they look promising, we promise we will invite them to apply.


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