News from ‘Further Down South’


(Posted 08th March 2017)

Thanks once again to Gill Staden for her tireless efforts to bring us news from her part of Africa.


It keeps raining

Livingstone Business Directory

New Dog Unit for Lusaka

More Solar Power

Kasama Clean-up

Driving Liuwa in the Rains

Bangweulu Wetland and their Shoebills

Concerns over Lake Tanganyika Exploration

Permit required for Drone Use

Earthquake in northern Zambia

Dogs help Cheetah research

Ginger, the lion, in Luangwa

Zambia to pay for Kariba Dam Repairs

Airlink flights to Vic Falls

Wildlife relocation to Mozambique

Bogged down in Kazuma

Solar panels stolen in Zambezi National Park

Man killed by elephant after organising his selfie

Dereck and Beverly Joubert injured by buffalo in the Okavango

Orphaned elephant rescued in northern Botswana

Brown Hyena pics in Namibia

South Africa rescues donkeys

Giant Rats help pangolins

Just one video clip this time:

Tech Insider UK

November 24, 2016 ·

This portable turbine turns a river’s energy into power for your home.


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