Corporate Council on Africa News Update


Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airlines Wins African Cargo Airline of the Year Award Nazret
Ethiopian Airlines- Ethiopian Airlines, the largest cargo operator in Africa, has been awarded the African Cargo Airline of the Year Award during the 2017 Air Cargo Africa Conference held in Johannesburg from 21st to 23rd February 2017… Read more>>


KTB boosting tourism through conferencing and Nairobi’s positioning as regional hub ITCM
Last year, conference tourism generated 14% of total tourist arrivals to the country, and with the number of international high profile conferences the country bids for and successfully hosts year-on –year, KTB hopes to make this segment more vibrant. …Read more>>

Morocco: Tourism Takes Spotlight in Several Reports – Casablanca Shines – and Allianz Launches New Offices AllAfrica
It is understandable that tourism is so important to the country, as it is the third or fourth largest component of GDP. … Read more>>


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