Corporate Council on Africa News Update


Uganda: Entebbe Airport Automation to Cost Shs34 Billion The Monitor
Along with the ongoing expansion, the automation of Entebbe International Airport will cost up to $9.5m (Shs34b), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) managing director Rama Makuza has said… Read more>>

World Bank Report: Africa’s Cities – Opening Doors to the WorldWorld Bank
Improving conditions for people and businesses in African cities by aggressively investing in infrastructure and reforming land markets is the key to accelerating economic… Read more>>


South Africa: 600 000 Fewer Tourists Since Introduction of Visa Regulations All Africa
In the Portfolio Committee on Tourism today, it became clear that there have been 600 000 fewer tourists since the introduction of visa regulations. The regulations… Read more>>

ETA pens plan to attract tourists from central Europe, Asia, North Africa Daily News
The Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) intends to pen a plan to study attracting tourists from new markets—including southern and eastern Asia, central… Read more>>


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