Candidate St. Ange – live from London today


(Posted 14th February 2017)

Ethical, clean and fair‘ are words used when describing Alain St. Ange’s campaign approach as the countdown continues towards the May elections for a successor of Dr. Taleb Rifai, who after two terms is not eligible to seek re-election.St. Ange has vowed to keep the moral high ground as others resorted to what has been said are ‘strange campaign measures unfit for someone seeking such high office‘.

Today is Alain in London and will be live on several news stations, including having interviews with Sky News’ Adam Bolton, CNN’s Richard Quest though he is also due to appear on the BBC’s Focus on Africa later. Clearly it does not come any better and going by the word from the grapevine, will St. Ange make an appearance at the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo in Kampala, where the entire association and national tourism offices leadership will assemble for a pre-show meeting.

Alain St.Ange, United Nations World Tourism Organisation Secretary General candidate and former Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine goes LIVE from London!

Tune in on Tuesday 14.02.17 to find out Alain St.Ange’s intent and measures he intends to introduce should he become elected as the new SG of the UNWTO.

Find out more here:

Tuesday 14th February 2017

SKY News
10:45 GMT
Watch Alain St.Ange LIVE interview with Adam Boulton in his All About Politics show

BBC Worldwide Service Radio
17:00-18:00 GMT
Listen to Alain St.Ange LIVE interview with host Akwsai Sarpong on the BBC Focus on Africa show

21:00 GMT
Watch Alain St.Ange LIVE interview with Richard Quest on the Quest Means Business Show


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