Armed herdsmen attack Kenyan tourist camps

A harrowing tale of the attack on the Suyian safari camp … I have been asked to ‘downplay’ this because there is now some government reaction but truth told, this needs to be made public to show the potentially devastating consequences of such farm, ranch and conservancy invasions to Kenya’s tourism industry, and worst of all, at the start of an election year which is already causing concerns among leading overseas tour operators.
The Kenyan government needs to react much stronger, with much greater determination to stamp out this menace and nip it in the bud before it spreads like wildfire to other conservancies, ranches and farms.


Unrest in northern Kenya has spread to cattle ranches that support sustainable wildlife tourist camps.
Armed herdsmen have been marauding through this region in their 1,000s, burning property, shooting at farmers and tourists, raiding cattle and slaughtering elephant and zebra.
The government appears unable to contain the unrest. Over the last year hundreds of small holders have abandoned their land. Among themGeorge Mwai, who isconfined to a wheel chair since being shot trying to defend his medium sized cattle ranch and wildlife farm.
Now the land grabs have spread to long established wildlife ‘conservancies’, where ranchers combine raising cattle with tourism and wildlife conservation.
On Sunday night a tourist camp run by a respected botanist, Anne Powys, was razed to the ground. It has been reported some 10,000 tribal herdsmen descended on the exclusive bush camp known as Suyian Soul.
Guests staying at the thatched camp report seeing…

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