News from ‘Further Down South’ courtesy of Gill Staden



Lamp Posts toppled

Army worms in Livingstone

Batoka Dam – meeting for finances

Ndola-Solwezi Flight to start

Visitor map for Lusaka Park

Warthog saved by Norman Carr Safaris

Wild dogs at Mayukuyuku

Photos from Luangwa

North of Lake Tanganyika polluted

Elephants in China

Painted dogs collared in Hwange

Too many rigs on Lake Kariba

Wild dogs at Elephant Sands

Kwando Carnivore Project

Ryazanovka Ship still causing concern in Namibian waters

Poachers shot in Bwabwata

More information on Kahuzi Biega, DRC

Pangolin scales found at Chinese port

China to ban ivory trade

Dams be damned

Some videos you might like:

Mike Chase on Elephant Census. I can’t download the url for the video which is within the article.

Rachel McRobb, Conservation South Luangwa

Warthog rescued in South Luangwa

Kahuzi-Biega np drc (little clip – just look at the road …)

Saving our Planet


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