Aldabra gets its own tidal App


(Posted 16th November 2016)

(Illustration of the App courtesy of the Seychelles Island Foundation)

A new app is now available for scientists and researchers based on the Aldabra Atoll, which is owned by the Seychelles and managed, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, by the Seychelles Island Foundation. It was reportedly developed by an on site researcher from Colombia, one Fernando Cagua, who used available data to create the new tool which is already widely used among the small population living on Aldabra.
The new app, according to information received from Victoria, will assist researchers to plan their research and monitoring outings with greater precision and helps avoid being cut off when the tide flips and the relentless stream of water into or out of the main lagoon begins to flow, making movements rather precarious at times.

Meanwhile was it also learned that MV Enterprise 2, a supply vessel belonging to the Island Development Company, which got stuck in October on the reef after offloading a cargo of construction materials to make the buildings on Aldabra cyclone proof, has come free again following an extra high tide prompted by the recent supermoon occurrence.


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