Victoria Falls International Airport upgrade now complete


(Posted 02nd November 2016)


The Zimbabwe Civil Aviation Authority, owners and managers of the country’s airports, has just announced that the modernization, renovation and expansion works at Victoria Falls International Airport are now complete, including a totally refurbished domestic terminal.
While the date for the official launch, expected to be performed by President Robert Mugabe, is yet to be confirmed, has there been speculation that ZCAA is looking at later this month when AFRAA, the African Airline Association, is holding their Annual General Assembly in Victoria Falls with Air Zimbabwe the host airline this year.
This would provide a continental if not international attendance by AFRAA AGA delegates to showcase to them the new airport facilities which were put into place over the past three years, an opportunity hard to miss inspite of the short time between now and the AFRAA event.
Zimbabwe as a landlocked country depends to a large extent on arrivals of tourists by air and the new airport will give a perfect welcome to visitors who come to see the magnificent Victoria Falls, tour the nearby national parks and sample the best of Zimbabwe’s hospitality, including the world famous Victoria Falls Hotel.


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