Ugandan hoteliers focus on marketing


(Posted 28th October 2016)

Hotel Link Solutions and UHOA have joined hands to organize a marketing workshop on the 03rd of November for the Ugandan hotel industry.
The Marketing Conference for accommodation operators is held under the theme ‘Digital Strategies for International and Local Markets‘ and will focus on how accommodation operators can use the Internet to:

* market their products and services more successfully to local and international clients;

* learn about the strategies and processes needed to identify, reach and retain new customers on the Web.

The event is specially targeted at those who work in marketing and sales, or those responsible for their accommodation’s online marketing strategy. Leading experts in their fields will cover topics such as:

* Developing an Online Marketing Strategy;

* Responsive Design & Mobile Marketing;

* Localisations & User Experience for International Markets;

* Search Engine Optimisation;

* Branding & Getting the Web Site Content Right

* Online Sales and Processing Online Bookings

In previous joint activities were 342 owners, managers and other staff trained during the first eight months of this year across Uganda in such diverse locations as Mukono, Mpigi, Wakiso, Entebbe and of course the capital Kampala. Special marketing workshops also brought on board some of Uganda’s tourism clusters from Kigezi, Bugisu and Rwenzori, helping to create added awareness of how to showcase attractions and market Uganda’s regions.


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