Kenya releases arrival data from January to August 2016


(Posted 26th October 2016)

While charter arrivals in Mombasa, though up compared to last year, continues to be a matter of concern to the Kenya coast tourism fraternity inspite of a 19.1 percent rise, have overall arrivals into the country since January risen by 17.2 percent with the largest number of visitors entering through Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

In summary are the following figures now available:

· Total international arrivals for January to August 2016 by air and sea closed at 581,808 compared to 496,579 in 2015, illustrating an increase of 17.2%.

· JKIA arrivals grew by 16.5% to record 522,709 compared to 448,549 in 2015

· Moi International Airport Mombasa (MIAM), received 57,219 visitors, compared to 48,031 in 2015, a 19.1% growth

· 1,880 cruise ship arrivals were recorded until August 2016

Fuller data are available and are shown in the graphic below to allow further comparison of arrival data going back to 2011:


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