Little Cabs now takes on UBER in Mombasa too


(Posted 21st October 2016)

UBER’s ‘free ride’ period in Mombasa is clearly over as main Kenyan rival Little Cabs, backed by communications giant Safaricom, has now announced its launch in Mombasa.
Cab users via Apps are now looking forward to a renewed price war which will benefit them as the upcoming competition, given the examples seen in Nairobi, will no doubt drive down fares on the double.
In Kenya’s capital Nairobi was UBER compelled to reduce fares dramatically when rivals entered the market such as Taxify, Mondo, Maramoja and of course Little Cabs which even offers non smartphone users a star – hashtag call option from ordinary mobile phone models to use their services at the same low fares as App subscribers.
Little Cabs has launched a special offer for travelers who use their service in Nairobi to Jomo Kenyatta International or Wilson Airport and then again on landing in Mombasa with a rebate of 500 Kenya Shillings, equivalent to about 5 US Dollars.
UBER has globally made substantial losses last year which however has not affected operations in Kenya and other East African cities.


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