Coastal aviation adds more aircraft to become East Africa’s largest private airline company


(Posted 12th October 2016)

After more recently adding already two additional Cessna C208B Grand Caravans will yet another of this aircraft type join the fleet of Coastal Aviation in the very near future, bringing the overall number to 31 of which there are, among others, 21 Grand Caravans, 4 Pilatus PC12’s, 2 Executive Pilatus PC12’s and two Cessna C206’s.
This large number of aircraft allows the company to sustain a network of now 42 destinations across Tanzania, many of which are location in or near national parks.
It is understood that two new destinations will be launched before the festive season but the company was coy in not answering where these two new destinations were located, for now at least.
Both Julian Edmunds, CEO of the company and Enrico Tognoni, Commercial Manager, are presently in Nairobi attending MKTE2016 and it is from there that the news update was obtained and confirmed.


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