The battle between the taxi giants gives passengers ever better deals


(Posted 10th October 2016)

Scenes like this will soon be a thing of the past in Nairobi as the taxi giants UBER and Little Cabs and all the other App based newly launched companies have now started to give their passengers a greater time frame to pre-book their rides.
From the previous just a few hours or a day at most has this now been expanded to a month in advance which allows for instance regular travelers to Nairobi to complete their travel arrangements inclusive of having their ride wait for them at the airport on arrival.
Others though may look at it as yet another gimmick in the battle of the taxis for the streets of Nairobi and settle for a hotel limo, which can be prebooked with the room, a month or several in advance, and which charges then appear on the hotel bill instead of having to deal with the flood of paper receipts for each and every ride taken by other means.
An added advantage of using hotel limos is the liability and insurance issue in the case of an accident when dealing with one entity to pursue a claim is seen as easier than having multiple parties to pursue.
All the leading hotels in Nairobi do have their own limo services or use a service provider kept on a tight leash rather than individuals who may be here today but not tomorrow.


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