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Turkish Airlines launches Seychelles flights


(Posted 31st October 2016)

Turkish Airlines earlier today launched flights from Istanbul to Mahe, the Seychelles’ main island with the inaugural flight carrying over 200 passengers and crew.
The Airbus A330 in a two class configuration is the aircraft of choice for Turkish and flights will operate three times a week to start with every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Seychelles is Turkish Airlines’ 48th destination in Africa and 03rd in the Indian Ocean where the airline also serves Mauritius and Madagascar.
Turkish Airlines’ Chief Marketing Officer Ahmed Olmustur was the ranking official on board the inaugural flight while from the Seychelles’ side it was the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Alain St. Ange who represented the government during the welcome function at the international airport.
Turkish has grown very fast over the past few years and now flies to overall 292 destinations around the world with passenger from and to Seychelles having more or less instant connection to 88 of those, including several in key European markets where competitors are not flying to.

Air Seychelles ups inflight service with new amenity kits


(Posted 31st October 2016)

Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles, has launched stylish new Business and Economy Class amenity kits, as well as fun packs for kids.
The new kits are the result of collaboration with Galileo Products and have been designed to reflect the flair and joie de vivre of the Seychelles culture.
The new Business Class kits contain a dental pack, eye mask, socks, earplugs and premium skincare items from Scaramouche + Fandango, an exclusive British brand which was chosen for its luxurious range of amenities, specifically developed for inflight use. The skincare items include a rich honey lip balm and moisturising hydrator that are high in natural ingredients and which are housed in a versatile neoprene bag that doubles as an iPad mini case and can be enjoyed post-flight.

A new Economy Class kit, comprising earplugs, an Air Seychelles branded eye mask, dental kit and socks, has also been introduced and is presented in a soft red drawstring bag that can be reused for storing sunglasses.

Not forgetting younger travellers, the newly-designed kid’s packs feature a memorable Air Seychelles mascot in a book filled with fun games and activities, as well as wax crayons and a puzzle. They are packed in a large, water-resistant drawstring bag that is the perfect beach companion.


Roy Kinnear, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles, said when announcing the new line: ‘The introduction of these kits will further enhance the flying experience with Air Seychelles and provide our guests with the essentials they need for a comfortable journey to and from our islands.They have been designed to reflect our vibrant creole spirit, which underlies everything we do at the airline, and are tailored specifically for the requirements of our guests, from business travellers to families flying with small children. As an environmentally-conscious airline, we wanted to make sure that these kits are reusable, which is why they double-up as holiday items such as beach bags for kids and sunglass pouches. We are delighted to work together with Galileo Products and are confident these new kits have moved our guest experience one notch higher, strengthening our position as the leading airline in the Indian Ocean‘.

Ian Linaker, Chief Executive Officer of Galileo Products, commented too on the launch, saying: ‘We appreciate that every aspect of the Seychellois customer experience has to be carefully considered in order to meet the growing expectations of the modern traveller and the high standards set by Air Seychelles. With this in mind we have worked closely together to deliver a customised offering with a full complement of onboard essentials, thus ensuring ultimate comfort at 37,000ft‘.

Air Seychelles has in recent times expanded their number of flights from Mahe to Johannesburg, Mauritius, Madagascar and Mumbai and is also looking at upping frequencies on their nonstop service to and from Paris.
Last year did Skytrax, the most credible airline ranking system, award Air Seychelles four stars, a resounding affirmation of how flying the Creole Spirit has translated into concrete measures.

Festival Kreol a uniting factor across the Seychelles society


(Posted 31st October 2016)


We must keep supporting Festival Kreol as it unites us as the Seychellois people‘ said Alain St. Ange, who prior to the restructuring of the cabinet was also the country’s culture minister.

The Festival Kreol, first launched in 1985, he went on to say ‘is a celebration of our Seychellois culture in all its aspects and we must keep supporting it as this event unites us as a nation‘.

The former Minister for Culture Alain St.Ange who now heads the Ministry for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, echoed these words in his address during the official ceremony to mark the International Creole Day.

Minister St.Ange who was also the President of the Festival Kreol organising committee said the event is a reminder that we are one people with one beautiful culture which we must preserve and appreciate.

He thanked those who had come down to Stad Popiler to give their support and for believing in their Creole identity and culture.

Festival Kreol marks us as it gives us the chance to showcase what we are as a nation – the Creole people‘ he added before concluding ‘Our friends from other Creole-speaking countries have joined us again, and together we have one aim and that is to keep promoting our Creole identity‘.

Minister St.Ange said these such events help us to appreciate where we are and the fact that we live in a peaceful countryside where there is stability.

These words were said just after the colourful procession called Laserenad, had snaked through Stad Popiler as the sun set over Victoria. Young and old dressed in locally-made outfits, danced their way in the stadium to the beats of spicy traditional music such as tinge, the sega and moutia.

Attending the ceremony were the President Danny Faure, Vice-President Vincent Meriton, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Pillay, President of the Regional Council of Reunion Didier Robert, Présidente de la commission coopération régionale, Europe et international Faouzia Vitry, Ministers, The Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly Charles de Commarmond and other high ranking government officials.

Also gracing the ceremony with their presence were members of the diplomatic corps as well as those of the National Assembly, Miss Seychelles Another World 2016 Christine Barbier and Miss Creole des îles international Omegan Jean-Marie Ciseau.

The Creole Institute was used as this year’s theme for the stage decor. On stage the mistress of ceremony, who is also an actress Jenita Laporte joined others to speak about the Creole Day as well as the language itself. Marie-Therese Choppy was among those taking part in this official ceremony.

Minister St.Ange who delivered his last speech as the Minister responsible for Culture marked the evening by presenting to Seychelles what he calls Gitar Koko Seychelles.

The guitar with a base made from the coco-de-mer nut was officially launched and the first which one made was presented to President Faure by Minister St.Ange.

During the ceremony, several performances from artists of the Creole world were enjoyed by all those who were present.

For more information about this and other festivals staged in the Seychelles check out

Aviation Experts To Discuss Current Industry Issues At Akwaaba Travel Market

ATQ News: Aviation Experts To Discuss Current Industry Issues At Akwaaba Travel Market a member of Travel Media Group. This is the online platform for African Travel Quarterly (ATQ), the first Travel magazine in West Africa which solely focuses on travel and tourism issues. It started publishing offline about 10 years ago. features reports that cover a wide range of topics within the travel

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Aviation Experts To Discuss Current Issues At Akwaaba Travel Market

With the dwindling fortunes of Nigeria’s aviation industry and the myriad of challenges facing both international and domestic operators in the country, the aviation sector will once again be on the spot light at the 12th Akwaaba Aviation Day Conference on the 31st of October 2016.

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With the topic Aviation in Africa and Why Airlines Fail, the 2nd Aviation day at Akwaaba will draw on the experience of major players in Nigeria’s Aviation sector.

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BON Hotels hosts official launch in Nigeria, showcasing nine hotels across five cities

BON Hotels, a hospitality company that owns, manages and markets hotels throughout Africa, hosted their official launch in Nigeria, at BON Hotel Stratton Asokoro in Abuja, on 27 October, attended by VIP guests, members of the press, dignitaries, politicians, airline executives, hotel owners, stakeholders and government representatives

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“5 Journalists win free Ethiopian Airlines tickets at its 70th Anniversary event”

Five Nigerian Journalists have won free Ethiopian Airlines ticket at its 70th anniversary event held in Lagos.

According to General Manager, Ethiopian Airlines, Nigeria, Mr Solomon Begashaw, the airline decided to reward journalists in Nigeria because they have been supportive of its operations in the country

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Fighting over tourists puts East Africa in bad light

In the good old days East African tour operators could sit back and know that eager visitors will come to sample the region’s spectacular offerings both for scenic beauty and the singular experience of seeing animals in the wild.

Like clockwork, the regional industry and especially in Kenya and Tanzania, could expect good revenues in the high season and pick up …

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15 countries, 35 tourism experts arrive Lagos for 12TH AKWAABA

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Ethiopian Airlines restates it’s belief in Nigeria

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Dubai Tourism to highlight Dubai as Africa’s preferred family and shopping destination at Akwaaba Travel Market

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Air Zimbabwe looks for wide Bodied plane to start Harare-Lagos flight

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Kenya Immigration identify and Target Nigerians for Immigration offenses with twitter

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Emirates present 3 reasons why they stopped Abuja flight to the Nigerian Minister

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The most expensive airports in Africa ranked by cost

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Constant complaints bear fruits as access to new convention centre eased


(Posted 31st October 2016)

When Rwanda hosted the African Union Summit in July this year, given the presence of many Heads of State and Government, was access to the new Radisson Blu Hotel and Convention Centre in Kigali restricted, to ensure the safety of the visitors.
There were no complaints at the time, knowing that once the big event was over access would be restored.
That however was not to be until just today, three months later, making a decision taken over the weekend effective for traffic coming from the CBD, which was most inconvenienced trying to access the new hotel.
Subsequently did traffic into the hotel by city based patrons remain way behind projections for guests coming for drinks or a meal, raising doubts on the continued validity of blocking off road access through the KBC roundabout.
Attempts by the city’s mayor to explain away, or at times just remain silent over the massive inconvenience, were rubbished by Kigali residents and this correspondent, when recently staying at the hotel, also suffered the same inconvenience when trying to return the direct route after meetings in the city centre. It required a substantial detour from which only the cab driver benefitted.
Better late than never now comes to mind when the city mayoress finally yielded to increasing pressure to restore the direct link from the CBD.
That decision was unsustainable and we were just wondering what explanation we would be given next because there was no need after the AU Summit to continue those extra security arrangements. It was like they did not want us to visit there and so Kigali voted with their feet and spent their money somewhere else. Now perhaps easier access will mean more visitors during times when there are no big conferences. Then, for that purpose, one could understand added security layers but for non conference times, this was just over the top and a stubborn refusal to let people go there. When the new building opposite will be opening with all the offices and shops, imagine what its owners there would have to say if no clients could reach there conveniently. Sometimes these people just overreact‘ commented a regular Kigali bases source when passing the news of the reopened access due to start with the morning commuting hours.
In Kampala similar blockages to the Munyonyo Conference facility ahead of and during big conferences with Heads of State presence have in fact also led to the hotel losing ordinary business during non conference periods as patrons coming from the city are not willing to perhaps find such a meeting in progress with no public notice and be turned away or frisked several times for the benefit of having a drink at the lakeside or wanting to use the pool or health club facilities.
No one argues with the need for security but then, security needs to retain user friendliness and be broadly accepted by the population, before they, as said, vote with their feet and stay away from such magnificent hotels like the Radisson Blu in Kigali. Turning such sparkling new facilities into everyday fortresses will affect their revenues and only sour relations with those institutions seen as responsible for their loss of day to say business. No kudos for the Mayoress therefore for finally doing the right thing.

Seychelles President Danny Faure announces his full cabinet and Principal Secretaries


(Posted 30th October 2016)

StateHouse | Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles

In an announcement earlier today were Principal Secretaries announced alongside their respective cabinet ministers under the new portfolio distribution which was announced several days earlier.
Here are the appointments, and the reshuffle as far as Ministers are concerned with the added information that Minister Christian Lionnet has decided to leave his post in government and join the private sector.

Office of the President

Secretary of State Responsible for Prevention of Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation – Dr Patrick Herminie

Foreign Secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs – Mrs Marie-Louise Potter

Secretary of State Responsible for Poverty Alleviation – Mr Dick Esparon

Principal Secretary (Department of Foreign Affairs) – Ms Michelle Murray

Ambassador Barry Faure remains Secretary of State in the Department of Foreign Affairs

Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne remains Secretary of State with specific responsibilities for Health.

Office of the Vice-President – Vice President Vincent Meriton

Principal Secretary (Vice-President’s Office) – Mr Alain Volcère

Principal Secretary (Department of Information Communication Technology) – Mr Benjamin Choppy

Principal Secretary (Department of Information) – Mr Denis Rose

Principal Secretary (Department of Investment & Industries) – Dr Steve Fanny

Principal Secretary (Department of The Blue Economy) – Ms Rebecca Loustau-Lalanne

Special Advisor (The Blue Economy) – Mr Phillip Michaud

Special Advisor (Information) – Ms Shelda Commetant

Office of the Designated Minister – Minister Macsuzy Mondon

Principal Secretary (Office of the Designated Minister) – Mrs Marise Berlouis

Ministry of Local Government – Minister Macsuzy Mondon

Principal Secretary – Ms Marie-Celine Vidot

Special Advisor – Mr Daniel Frichot

Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development – Minister Joel Morgan

Principal Secretary (Education Department) – Dr Odile Decommarmond

Principal Secretary (Human Resource Development Department) – Dr Linda Barallon

Special Advisor (Education) – Mrs Merida Delcy

Consultant – Mr Selby Dora

Ministry of Health & Social Affairs – Minister Jean-Paul Adam

Principal Secretary (Health Department) – Dr Bernard Valentin

Principal Secretary (Social Affairs Department) – Mrs Linda William-Melanie

Special Advisor (Social Affairs) – Ms Marie-Josee Bonne

Ministry of Home Affairs – Minister Mitcy Larue

Commissioner of Police – Mr. Reginald Elizabeth

Principal Secretary (Immigration & Civil Status Department) – Mrs Myriam Telemaque

Superintendent of Prisons – Mr Vic Tirant

Special Advisor (Police) – Ms Sheryl Vangadasamy

Special Advisor (Immigration & Civil Status) – Mr Michel Marie

Special Advisor (Prisons) – Mr Raymond St Ange

Advisor to the Superintendent of Prisons – Mr Maxime Tirant

Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine – Minister Alain St Ange

Principal Secretary (Tourism Department) – Ms Anne Lafortune

Principal Secretary (Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine Department) – Mr Garry Albert

Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture-Minister Idith Alexander

Principal Secretary (Youth & Sports Department) – Mr Fabian Palmyre

Principal Secretary (Culture Department) – Ms Benjamine Rose

Special Advisor (Youth) – Mr Kevin Vidot

Special Advisor (Sports) – Mr Jean Larue

Special Advisor (Culture) – Mr Emmanuel D’Offay

Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure & Land Transport – Minister Charles Bastienne

Principal Secretary (Habitat Department) – Mrs Jennifer Jasmin

Principal Secretary (Infrastructure Department) – Mr Yves Choppy

Principal Secretary (Land Transport Department) – Mr Patrick Andre

Special Advisor – Mr Gerard Hoareau

Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change- Minister Didier Dogley

Principal Secretary (Environment Department) – Mr. Alain Decommarmond

Principal Secretary (Energy & Climate Change Department) – Mr Wills Agricole

Special Advisor – Mr Denis Matatiken

Ministry of Fisheries & Agriculture – Minister Michael Benstrong

Principal Secretary – Mr Michael Nalletamby

Special Advisor (Fisheries) – Mr Roy Clarisse

Special Advisor (Agriculture) – Mr Antoine-Marie Moustache

Ministry of Employment, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation – Minister Wallace


Principal Secretary (Employment Department) – Mr Jules Baker

Principal Secretary (Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation) – Mrs Pamela Charlette

Special Advisor – Ms Veronique Bresson

Ministry of Finance, Trade & Economic Planning – Minister Peter Larose

Principal Secretary (Finance & Trade Department) – Mr Patrick Payet

Principal Secretary (Economic Planning Department) – Mrs Elizabeth Agathine

Special Advisor – Ms Sitna Cesar

Announcements about new appointments for heads of parastatal bodies are expected to be announced over the coming days.

Newly constituted Tourism Ministry remains focused on propelling marketing of Seychelles to next level


(Posted 30th October 2016)

The Seychelles Tourism Board launched branded taxi advertising campaign in the French capital Paris and German city of Frankfurt as part of its communication plan for the autumn-winter promotional season.

The campaign involved 200 taxis circulating day and night during the entire month of October and beginning November, transporting the branded visuals of the destination with the tag line ‘Seychelles, the call of the islands‘.

We opted for the October-November as it is the beginning of our promotional season and also because the western European cities tends to be grey and foggy during this period, hence the contrast impact of our visual depicting sunshine, warm and vivid colours which one could not go unnoticed even during the peak and rush hours‘ said Bernadette Willemin, the Seychelles Tourism Board Director for Europe. She added the message was to remind the public that it is perpetual summer in the Seychelles Islands and consequently the variety and diversity of tourism products and activities are also available year around.

This campaign compliments other above the line campaigns which started since September and some still on-going throughout the month of October on the French market continued Bernadette Willemin. The kick off was a joint tactical billboard campaign in collaboration with Island specialist Tour Operator Exotismes whereby 1200 boards were displayed between the 19th – 25th September, mainly in the 15th district close to the train stations (Saint-Lazare, Montparnasse), and the Southern Tramway line, thus not only tapping into the consumer market segment but also the travel trade professionals as it coincided with the major French Travel Trade show IFTM. In addition, the billboards were also present in the 08th district, an area with huge concentration of hotels without forgetting the business areas of Neuilly and Levallois.

Some 200 institutional radio spots were aired on Cherie FM Radio during the month of September-October before and after the weather forecast and traffic information as a follow up to a previous joint radio campaign on RTL Radio and this jointly timed with the national airline Air Seychelles.

The destination was also present in 26 cinema halls in Paris and close suburbs. Altogether, 6100 television spots of 20 seconds each were screened during the second and third week of October.

Mrs Sherin Francis, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board for her part stressed on the importance and the need to upscale our consumer promotions, enhance our communication plan to continue creating more demand. We need to be more visible especially in our consumer targeted promotions whilst maintaining and increasing our business to business oriented activities she concluded.

The Tourism Ministry in the Seychelles, after the new cabinet lineup was confirmed over the weekend, has passed the Culture portfolio to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture but has been handed Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine finally bringing together two key added components Seychelles depends greatly about when it comes to tourism.

Aviation is key to bringing visitors to the islands and tourism knows what number of seats are required to fill all the beds in the resorts while ports and marine provide the links to cruise tourism and keeping the ocean around the island in pristine condition.

More information can be found via

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