Shock for Seychellois as President Michel announces his retirement from office


(Posted 27th September 2016)

Green Print

The announcement this afternoon by Seychelles President Michel that he was stepping down from office has sent shockwaves through society and in particular rattled the membership of Parti Lepep, which only recently lost the majority in parliament for the first time.
President Michel made the announcement on national television and said he would submit the formal letter to the Speaker of Parliament tomorrow, 28th of September.
Next in line will be current Vice President Mr. Danny Faure who is expected to be sworn in on the 16th of October. President Michel had named him as his running mate for the Presidential Elections last December which he won by a narrow margin at the time.
Speculation is rife whom Vice President Faure will name as his Vice President on or after the 16th of October, when he assumes office as the fourth President of the Republic of Seychelles.
Meanwhile are the Seychelles islands headed for another visitor record this year with interest in travel to the archipelago said to have been strong at the just concluded TOP RESA travel market in Paris.
More information about Destination Seychelles can be found via


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