Etihad too now eyes capacity increase for the Big Apple


(Posted 25th August 2016)

Etihad Airways, the national airline of Abu Dhabi, will follow suit in upping capacity to New York as done by other Gulf carriers, and from June 2017 switch their second daily flight from a Boeing B777-300ER also to an Airbus A380.
This will bring the airline’s award winning First Class ‘Residence‘ on the route to JFK on both of their flights, giving passengers fancying to travel in their own ‘sky apartment‘ the option to go or return on either flight and not suffer a downgrade in comfort.
For ordinary folks though, especially when travelling out of the airline’s three East African destinations, will the greater inflight comfort of the A380 matter, as they connect out of Nairobi and Dar es Salaam on a daily basis while Entebbe remains on just four flights a week, leaving much of the market spoils to competitors operating daily like Qatar Airways and Emirates.
All three East African destinations are served by Airbus A320 aircraft.


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