Speculation grows over Oman Air’s potential return to Mombasa


(Posted 26th July 2016)

Oman Air has reportedly started a full scale search for a General Sales Agent in Mombasa, after publicly advertising their intention to find a partner at Kenya’s port city.
The airline at one time served Mombasa with scheduled flights but has since then halted services and concentrated on developing their business to and from Zanzibar.
As was reported here at a very early stage did Oman Air wet-lease two Boeing B787 Dreamliners from Kenya Airways for a period of at least three years, indicating that the two airlines could also find other forms of cooperation, perhaps on routes.
It is not certain at this time if Oman Air, should the airline resume flights to Mombasa, would operate the service on to Zanzibar and perhaps request fifth freedom rights for that sector, but adding Mombasa alone would be a boost to the tourism and hospitality industry at the Kenya coast, especially in view of the cultural ties between Oman and Kenya.
An added benefit would be the network expansion by Oman Air, which would offer connecting passengers from a growing number of destinations onward flights to Mombasa. Kenya has become a destination in demand from in particular the Gulf area during the hot summer months when residents seek to get away to cooler climes and greener surroundings.


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