Swift pilot action saves the day


(Posted 23rd June 2016)

A textbook reaction by the two pilots on a Precision Air ATR 72-500 saved the day when one of the two engines reportedly showed signs of a fire on take off from the main Zanzibari island of Unguja to Dar es Salaam.
The aircraft first entered service in November 2008 when the airline purchased it directly from the French manufacturer.
According to information received from Zanzibar did the aircraft taxi back to its parking position under its own power, using the undamaged engine, where all 34 passengers and 4 crew embarked unharmed.
A spare aircraft and engine where then sent to Zanzibar to bring the passengers back to the mainland and begin an engine change, while incident investigators were attempting to determine the cause of the malfunction and fire.

Meanwhile has the Eastern Congolese city of Goma seen another aviation incident, when on Tuesday this week a Dornier 228 on a scheduled flight from Goma to Butembo declared an emergency due to landing gear failure. The plane returned to the ground after a foam carpet had been sprayed on the runway. The affected landing gear collapsed on touch down and the aircraft then swerved off the runway. The nearly 31 year old Dornier, registered as 9Q-CSL, operated by Busy Bee airline, sustained damage on both gears and undercarriage.
The number of passengers on board could not be established but no serious injuries were reported by local sources from Goma airport.


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