S!TE 2016 hangs in the balance


(Posted 10th June 2016)

Word is emerging from usually reliable sources that the Swahili International Tourism Expo 2016 may not take place this year.
Only just concluded, in Arusha and Moshi, were the traditionally largest international tourist trade fair, organized by the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators. Karibu Travel Market in Arusha, followed a few days afterwards by the KILIFair, held at the show ground in Moshi, some 100 kilometres away.
Both fairs have been working the private sector and even public sector exhibitors, especially tourism boards and tourism ministries, to exhibit with them and showcase what attractions they have to offer, to complement travel to Tanzania with perhaps other regional or continental destinations.
Both fairs were according to those on site well attended with key personnel of the Tanzania Tourism Board and ministry also there.
No reasons were immediately advanced by those who suggested that S!TE may not take place this year and in view of the short time, and travel by this correspondent to other parts of Africa, it was impossible to get a comment from either TTB or the fair organizers.
The fair in Dar es Salaam hanging now in the balance may well have to do with the new approach by the government of President Magufuli, who has established himself fast as a man keeping an eye on budgets and expenditure and who may well like to see a shift towards the private sector taking up such events and the resulting challenges.
No doubt will responses be received in due course and then be shared with readers just as soon as officials have gone on record over the open question, is S!TE 2016 taking place or not.
Meanwhile can additional information about Destination Tanzania be accessed via www.tanzaniatouristboard.com or www.tanzaniaparks.go.tz


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