Lion Killed, Junior the Lion Kid, Rare Wildlife Sightings

A news broadcast from Ewaso Lions …

Promoting Human-Lion Coexistence in Northern Kenya

April 2016

Male Lion Shot and Killed

It is with great sadness we announce that a young male lion was shot dead recently in Samburu, northern Kenya. We have been unable to confirm the identity of the lion but suspect that it is Loiwotwa, a young nomadic male we have been monitoring for the last three years (pictured above). Our team continues to patrol the area together with conservancy rangers. We are grateful to everyone for the support during what has been a challenging time for our team.

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6d22cae2-b181-4585-9f51-c0679c60b9d4.jpgJunior the "Lion Kid"

Junior is the 13-year-old boy we call the Lion Kid. Having been inspired through our Lion Kids Camp, Junior now spends most of his time in our Camp shadowing Jeneria and the warriors. His insatiable appetite to learn about lions and conservation, combined with his infectious charm, has made him one of the most inspiring members of the Ewaso Lions family. This is his story.

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8ebf28bf-c8af-4483-a380-7e5005133f34.jpgRare Sighting of Cheetahs

We rarely see cheetahs in our study area, so we were excited to come across this mother and two cubs. This was only our 7th sighting of cheetahs in Westgate in 8 years! Spotting the cheetahs in this community area made it even more special. The mother and cubs were having difficulty finding water. Fortunately, the rains have now arrived, helping this cheetah family and all wildlife in the region.

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f9cf66c9-5750-4dc0-ae3c-732a7216872a.jpgVideo: Mama Simba Expands

We now have 19 Samburu women engaged in conservation through our Mama Simba program. Watch this clip to see how we have nearly doubled the size of the program and added women in three new locations. The new women have begun attending the weekly school lessons. We love how the ladies have taken their own initiative and demonstrated an eagerness to learn.

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9f39cd9c-06fd-44cc-9543-787658a06387.jpgVisiting Chicago and SF Bay

We are heading to the U.S.A. next week. Shivani, Paul, Jeneria and Yesalai will be traveling to Chicago for the WCN Spring Expo at the Brookfield Zoo on May 7th. We then head to San Francisco Bay Area to give a talk on May 17th. If you are in the area, please come see us. All the details are listed on our website.
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8500bab9-7470-4963-a65f-ef309149cf56.jpgPhoto of the Month

The other day we were lucky to glimpse a caracal hunting in broad daylight. A caracal is a small cat with signature long-tufted ears. Because they are nocturnal and difficult to observe, we were fortunate to see this caracal stalking a yellow-neck spurfowl.
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