Saving Ngamba I sland Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island thanks well wishers for swift financial support …
Update on donations recieved

Saving Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Uganda
Please accept our heartfelt appreciations for the contribution made towards saving us when the El Nino rains in January 2016. This was a crisis that threatened the destruction of the home of the 49 chimpanzees in our care at Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary. Thank you Friends of CSWCT-USA , Pan African Sanctuary Alliance , Ruparelia Foundation and all the supporters who came to our rescue and provided different kinds of support. We have used your financial donations to construct part of the retainer wall, which has been phased out into 4.
Phase 2 of the retainer wall was strengthening the wall from the pier to the smoking zone which required removing and disposing off the stump, roots, rubbish and debris broken down. They are to be removed for the smooth operation of the work. .
Excavation work
This was done to an average depth of 800mm inorder to get the water table within that range. The too much water in the excavated trench led to the change of the foundation construction process. The hard cores were laid first in the trench before the foundation concrete was cast in order to obtain a safe firm base for the foundation.
Masonry Wall
A masonry plinth wall was laid in a sand cement mortar of ratio (1:4) to an average height of 600mm.
Phase 2 retainer wall completed
Phase 3 retainer wall underway
There is still more work of 130 meters that needs to be worked upon, however we have started on phase 3.
Chimpanzee Trust | +256 414 320662 | +256 758221880 | info |
Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Plot 1, Bank Close, P.O.Box 884, Entebbe, +256 Uganda

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