Uganda Wildlife Authority set to suspend Paraa ferry service due to maintenance


(Posted 22nd April 2016)

Ferry services at the Paraa crossing of the Nile will be suspended in early May, to facilitate a complete overhaul of the two landing sites on the north and south banks.
The halt of operations will come into effect on the 02nd of May at 09.30 hrs in the morning when the last ferry will have taken visitors to the northern side of the park back to the southern river bank. The anticipated halt of operations will then last for at about 10 days, during which the ferry itself will undergo major maintenance while the ramps on both sides of the river will also be upgraded to allow easier docking and improve safety.
UWA, the Uganda Wildlife Authority, has suggested that operations may resume on the 11th of May with a crossing at 17.00 hrs (5 p.m.) but any visitors to the park should either check the organization’s announcements on their website or else check the notices filed on social media via
Visitors intending to go to the northern side of Murchisons Falls National Park can reach by taking the main all tarmac road towards the town of Pakwach and enter the park from a gate just a few hundred meters off that road before reaching the Nile bridge.
From the Paraa landing site will the regular boat excursions to the Nile delta at Lake Albert and up the river towards the falls operate as usual, though for tourists staying at the Northern side will trips to the top of the falls be almost impossible during the halt of ferry operations due to the long drive back into the park via Masindi.

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