The carnevalistas have arrived in the Seychelles


(Posted 21st April 2016)

Vote For Miss Seychelles

The six African nations participating this year in the Seychelles Carnival, led by a large delegation from South Africa, have arrived on the main island of Mahe over the past two days and Sherin Naiken, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board was at hand to greet the visitors – in the process also able to welcome this correspondent back to the archipelago for his first visit of 2016.
South Africa’s Minister for Tourism, the Hon. Derek Hanekom, will arrive tomorrow to then lead the rainbow nation’s delegation into the celebrations and festivities. Other African delegations have arrived or will arrive this morning come from Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Madagascar and Mauritius as well as from Reunion island.
STB, the Seychelles Tourism Board, has meanwhile also confirmed that several of the major actors, like the Brazil carnival, Notting Hill from the UK as well as the German, Italian and Chinese troupes will head on Sunday to the island of Praslin to allow those Praslinois who are not able to come to Victoria for the parade, a glimpse of their own on their own island. Notting Hill in fact will take their steel band to Praslin for a performance which will take place at the La Pirogue Restaurant.
This is a first and a sign how strong the interest in this festival has grown over the years across the archipelago.
Said Tourism Minister Alain St. Ange when making the announcement late yesterday: ‘We heard the appeal of the Praslinois hoteliers and we heard the call by so many Praslinois and we are doing what we are taking representatives to you in Praslin. We need to thank Creole Travel Services and their Cat Cocos for the support and La Pirogue restaurant for providing the venue. This trip is for Praslin and La Digue and we hope you will all enjoy it‘.
Expect live updates from the various venues where, starting today with the opening press conference and welcome cocktail and of course the Saturday parade.
Seychelles, truly Another World

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