Wakanow opens UK office


(Posted 19th April 2016 from the Avani Barbarons Resort on Mahe / Seychelles)

African online travel market leader Wakanow has made good of their promise made a few months ago, that they were set for global expansion.
Victoria Onwubiko, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, earlier today confirmed that an office in the UK is now operational and will be formally launched on the 03rd and 04th of May.
The company is following where its business comes from and a significant 10 plus percent – and growing fast – already comes from markets outside Nigeria, generated from what we in Africa call our Diaspora. The UK is a major contributor to this growth and in particular African travelers, especially when living in Europe, make increasing use of Wakanow’s services via their website, supporting the concept of Africans doing business with African companies.
A similar trend is emerging from both the US and the UAE where Africans work as expatriates which constitutes a core market for Wakanow.
The recent launch by the company of Destinations Africa at the World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town has raised strong interest in travel from across Africa to the featured destinations, boosting inter and intra African travel.
Dates for office launches in the UAE and the US are yet to be announced, so watch this space for future updates and news.

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