NEW Travel Africa App!

Jambo! We’re very pleased to let you know that we’ve created a new App for all Travel Africa magazine readers!
This will make Travel Africa available to you on all platforms and mobile devices, enabling you to enjoy more of the world’s most exciting continent wherever you may roam!
Whether you are a new user or have already been using our old App, please read this newsletter to see how to access the new App and to learn how you can preserve your existing purchases…

Why a new App?

The advantages of the new App include:
1. We will now be able to offer Travel Africa to users on all devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone
2. By setting up a free account on, you will now also be able to view each issue on your desktop or laptop computers (Mac or PC)
3. We’ll be able to embed content, such as video, image galleries and audio files, into the magazine, making it a more interactive experience
4. We’ll still publish a replica version of each magazine, with text-view options to make it easier to read, but the new App has a very clean, bespoke mobile version, making it really easy to dip in and read the magazine on your phone
5. And, most importantly: with this new architecture, we are hoping to start publishing additional content on the App. This will feature more image galleries and video content, but will also include fresh content to fill the gap between each of the quarterly magazines.

New users

The new App is available immediately, and can be accessed by visiting your App Store and search for ‘Travel Africa magazine’ (you’ll recognise us by our shiny new icon of magazines stacked in the shape of Africa) or following the links below:

For Apple devices (iPhone / iPad)
For Android devices (Google Play)
For Kindle users
For all other platforms and to view on your desktop PC / Mac

Existing users

Migrating to the new App:
We appreciate that any change like this can be an inconvenience, but we hope that you will see the benefits in loading the new App, and have tried to make the process as easy as possible. Instructions follow below.
Unfortunately, due to Apple’s tight security, we cannot automatically transfer your past purchases to the new App. This will mean that you may need to run two Apps concurrently: the old App to view your past issues, and the new App to view future issues.
For active subscribers, we are able to manually set up your outstanding issues, so that you can continue to receive the issues due to you on the new App. We will need your assistance in facilitating this, though, and we appreciate your assistance.

So please read the following to see how this affects you and what you will need to do to minimize the impact.
The new App is available immediately on the iTunes App Store, and can be accessed simply by following this link:
Alternatively, search the App Store for “Travel Africa magazine”. You’ll recognise it from our shiny new logo of magazines stacked in the shape of Africa.
Although the current App (hereafter referred to as the ‘old App’) has been removed from the App Store, it will continue to run in the background until the end of June for all existing users.
This gives you until the end of June to set yourself up on the new App, and the following will help you to manage this as efficiently as possible.
How to retain copies of magazines previously purchased:
Regrettably, we are unable to transfer past purchase history to the new App.
No new issues will be loaded on to the old App and at the end of June the App will be discontinued.
To ensure you retain access to your purchased copies after that point, you will need to do two things:
1. Download each issue you want to retain, so that it is stored on your device. Please do this before the end of June to ensure you don’t lose them.
2. Do not delete the old App from your device. You will then still be able to access your magazines by opening the old App in the usual way.

Existing subscribers

In anticipation of this move, we disabled the ability to buy subscriptions on the old App some months ago. This will hopefully make life easier for most users as it will have limited the number of future issues you will still receive, but how this affects you will depend on the status of your subscription:

• New subscriptions
If you have wanted to subscribe but have not been able to, please download the new App and sign up for a subscription in the usual way. This is a new transaction and will give you access to new magazines as they are released. Easy.
You can manage your auto-renew options in the Settings of your iTunes account on your device.

• If your subscription expires before the end of June 2016*
This means the current April-June / Spring issue (#74) will be the last issue due to you under your subscription, and this issue is already available to you in this old App.
1. Download the issue to your device so that you have access to it in the old App.
2. Do not delete this App, to ensure you continue to have access to it.
If you would like to renew your subscription, you will not be able to do that in the old App and will need to download the new App and set up a new subscription.
You can then manage your auto-renew options in the Settings of your iTunes account on your device.
*To find out when your subscription expires, scroll down for instructions

• If your subscription expires after the end of June 2016
The new April-June (Spring) issue, #74, will be loaded on the old App and is accessible to you in the normal way.
To receive this and your future issues on the new App, we will need to manually set you up on the new system.
1. You will need to send us confirmation of your subscription. This can be done by emailing your subscription receipt or a screengrab of your subscription information to app *
2. We will send you a voucher code and instructions on how to set yourself up on the new App
3. The voucher code will install your subscription on the new App, and we will add another issue free of charge.
Remember that this only applies to the issues covered by your current subscription. To view your past single issue purchases, you will still need to download them in the old App as outlined above.
*To find out when your subscription expires, scroll down for instructions

How to find out when your subscription is due to expire:
1. Go to Settings on your device
2. Select iTunes & App Store
3. Select your Apple ID and sign in when prompted for your iTunes password
4. Scroll down to Subscriptions and select ‘Manage’
5. Tap on ‘Travel Africa Magazines’ to see when the subscription expires.

How to notify us of your ongoing subscription:
1. If the expiry date is any date before 30 June 2016, you do not need to notify us and you simply follow instructions above to set up a new subscription on the new App.
2. If the expiry date is any time after 01 July 2016, take a screengrab of this by pressing the Home button and On switch at the same time. This takes a picture of the screen and saves it to your Photos app.
3. Go to your Photos app, select the image and email it to app with your full name.
4. We will send you a voucher code and instructions on how to set yourself up on the new App.

How to redeem your voucher:
To redeem your voucher, you need to:
1. Download the new App as outlined above
2. Launch the App and skip past the Welcome pages (tap ‘done’ on the final slide)
3. Tap the Options icon (i.e. a cog on iOS)
4. Select ‘Subscriber access voucher’
5. Follow the prompts and on the final step to enter the code.
The Pocketmags account created during the above will allow users to read Travel Africa on all platforms including iOS, Android, Amazon and your Mac/PC via

Any queries:

If you have any queries about this process at all, please email us on app giving your name and details of your purchases, and we will do everything we can to help to set you up quickly and accurately.
Alternatively you can phone on +44 (0) 1844 278883.
We thank you for your patience, and for reading Travel Africa. We look forward to providing you with more great African content so you can continue your exploration of the world’s most exciting continent!
Asante sana. Nyibonga. Tatenda. Thank you.
Craig Rix and the team at Travel Africa

The new edition of Travel Africa magazine has been mailed out to all print subscribers, and will be arriving in mailboxes over the next couple of weeks.
Our new subscription prices for printed copies of the magazine will come into effect at the beginning of May, so please be sure to renew or extend your print subscription before then to take advantage of the current low prices. And if you aren’t already a subscriber, now is your time to enrol and ensure you receive the magazine at our 1997 prices!

Please note: we are unable to link our print and digital subscriptions, so a separate purchase is required for each. We are seeking a solution to this and thank you for your understanding in the meantime.

Subscribe, extend or renew your subscription by clicking here
Feel free to contact us with any questions – reach us on service or at +44 (0)1844 278883. We are always looking at ways to improve our service and ensure you are getting the most from your subscription to Travel Africa magazine, so help us to help you!

Safari njema!

Copyright © 2016 Gecko Publishing Ltd, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Gecko Publishing LtdThe Dovecote
Litte Baldon
Oxford, OX44 9PU United Kingdom


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