Kenya Airways nips critics in the bud with forensic audit


(Posted 18th April 2016)

Critics, some civil and others not so civil, of Kenya Airways’ will find that the wind has just been taken out of their sails when news broke earlier today that the airline has commissioned a forensic audit in circumstances of how the losses of last year have come to be.
The Board of Directors of KQ in February resolved that such an audit is important and necessary to look into the finer details of past operations and learn from it and subsequently issued the following statement for the general public:

The Kenya Airways Board in February commissioned a forensic audit as part of Operation Pride to be conducted over three months. The Board appointed Deloitte Consulting to perform the audit which will support the improvement of our systems, processes and activities. The objective of this exercise is to identify areas of weaknesses and give recommendations that will complement the ongoing turnaround strategy. As part of the audit, Deloitte has set up a hotline to report any concern about the company. This hotline is operated and controlled independently by Deloitte.
Toll free number in Kenya: 0800722626 – accessible from Safaricom and Airtel / YU mobile networks only; not accessible from fixed line. You can also reach them online.
Email: KQ. Website:
The Board welcomes any report that may assist the company improve its operations, and also any concerns for investigation suppliers or persons dealing with Kenya Airways may have.

It is understood that the airline hopes to get facts rather than innuendo and speculation as often splashed across Kenya’s social media scene by known individuals who have turned into a fifth column against their national airline.
This therefore is the time for the public to speak up, competently nd factually, or else forever hold their peace.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jason on April 20, 2016 at 15:31

    An airline that needs to hire an outside consulting company to determine how they have lost so much money?
    Not exactly ‘nipping critics in the bud’…


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