Have you signed up for the Eastern African HOTEL INVESTMENT FORUM

It is now only six months to go until the annual Africa Hotel Investment Forum takes place at the Radisson Blu Hotel and Conference Centre in Kigali / Rwanda, alongside an aviation development conference, to add ‘spice’ and substance to the meeting. Follow the link below to sign up!

Africa Hotel Investment Forum

Key Topics announced for the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) in Rwanda

Senior hotel investors, operators, developers, and advisors met in an inspiring and future focused advisory board event. The recommendations will form a key component in this year’s Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) agenda and will look to explore:

The Development Process:

  • A crash course on hotel development, what investors need to know to deliver their project on time and on budget and increase ROI.
  • How owners can work together with the right industry experts to reduce costs and bring projects to completion in a timely manner.


  • Looking at one of the main challenges in hotel development – Raising capital. What the options are for finding funding for projects.
  • Learning what the banks and financiers are looking for.


  • Understanding the security risks in the current environment. Examining what is effective security and identifying the associated costs in providing it.
  • How to adapt to unforeseen pandemics, terrorism attacks or other security crises, and protect yourself as well as your investment against risk.

Economic Outlook:

  • The opportunities and risks in the midst of economic turbulence in the region. An outlook on the economic cycle, performance of commodities, oil prices, currency risk and dealing with devaluation, and diversifying economies.


  • Understanding why we need brands, and finding the right one for your product to maximise investment; local, international or created by the individual.

Register now and secure an AHIF VIP PASS to attend both AHIf Togo and AHIF Rwanda!


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