The Victoria Carnival concept has fired up the imagination of Seychelloise business community


(Posted 14th April 2016)

Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture joined Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the island’s Tourism Board to say thank you to the Seychelles Tourism Trade and also to the Business Community for the great support for this year’s edition of the Seychelles Carnaval International de Victoria.
It is the first time that so many tourism players, large and small, and also the island’s business community have come forward to offer assistance for the coming Carnaval International de Victoria‘ said Minister St.Ange.

The 2016 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria will be held from the 22nd to the 24th of April and for the first time their has been a truly overwhelming support by the island’s businesses.
We were overtaken by the small hoteliers who arrived at our offices with their financial contribution as much as we were pleased by the support by the larger members of the Seychelles Tourism trade. This support by individual hoteliers and other tourism trade players were further increased by the support received by the island’s business community. It is clear that the visibility Seychelles gets and continues to get through such an event has been recognized by our industry‘ said Miss Naiken.

This year the Press Conference ahead of the carnival will take place on the Thursday the 21st April and will coincide as the film premiere of the new 3-D Aldabra Film. This press conference will also be the opportunity for those who have supported the event to mingle with the 125 press and media houses flying into Seychelles to cover the carnival and readers of this column can expect live tweets and reports, including pictorials, from on location.

At least twenty international Carnival delegations are flying into Seychelles to parade alongside the Seychelles floats. The international delegations represent the world’s most high profile names from Brazil, Notting Hill of the UK, Dusseldorf Carnival of Germany, Italy Carnival, Indonesia Carnival and for the first time the France Carnival and the Cologne Carnival of Germany joining their perennial rivals from Duesseldorf, though that will no doubt be put aside to impress Victorians and visitors alike with their displays and costumes, flying the German flag high.


Meanwhile did Mr. Wilson Nancy, the newly elected SCCI Chairman, pay a courtesy visit to Minister Alain St. Ange on the morning of April 7th, with aim to reassure the SCCI willingness, under his Chairmanship to continue the good working relationship with the Ministry of Tourism & Culture and to present his plans for the next two years that he will be the SCCI Chairman.
Minister St. Ange congratulated Mr. Nancy as the new elected Chairman and pledged his continuous support towards SCCI and his Ministry’s willingness to continue the good working relationship that was established since the former Chairman, Mr. Marco Francis. Both Minister St. Ange and Chairman Nancy agreed that Cross-Sectorial meetings, is a best platform for discussions on various issues affecting not only the public in general but also the private sector, of which SCCI is the voice.
Mr. Nancy stated that one of his main objectives is to encourage the “Made in Seychelles” products. The SCCI Chairman also stated that the local producers must be more proactive so as to attract more buyers to buy their products, especially the visitors that exclusively look for Made Seychelles Products. Chairman Nancy said that this will also enhance the businesses’ profit as well as give credibility to their products.

Minister St. Ange recognized this as a good initiative and said that the SCCI will have his Ministry’s support.
Mr. Nancy was accompanied by the SCCI Secretary General, Mrs. Juliette Sicobo-Azaїs and also present was the Principle Secretary for Tourism, Mrs. Anne Lafortune.

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