SUCCESS at 17,000ft – Come celebrate at One Stop Nanyuki this Saturday


Fundraiser for the Mount Kenya Trust’s Horse Patrol Team at

Come join us at One Stop Nanyuki (opp. the airstrip) on Saturday the 16th of April from 1300 onwards for a FUNdraiser for all the family to celebrate! Including:

  • Pony rides with the Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team
  • Abseiling, bouldering and slack-lining with African Ascents
  • Food from Cookswell Jikos, the Well Hung Butcher and more…
Come celebrate the great success of our team! All eight members summited Point Lenana (4,985m or 16,355 ft), seven complete the technical climb up to summit Point Nelion (5,188m or 17,021 ft) and three continue onwards to reach Point Batian (5,199 metres or 17,057 ft).
After five nights and six days on the mountain, the team exited happy, but a little wet, at the Meteorlogical Station above the Naru Moro Park HQs. Thankfully the rainy weather held off for the main summit attempt, with rain only starting to fall in the evening as they arrived into camp.

See above picture of the group, together with guides from African Ascents, on the morning after the summit attempt, Points Batian (left) and Nelion (right) are visible behind.

Our valiant participants were:

Edwin Kinyanjui – Mount Kenya Trust
George Mwenda – Mount Kenya Trust
Gwili Gibbon – Mount Kenya Trust
Lorian Campbell Clause – Tropic Air Kenya
Timmy Flowers – Tropic Air Kenya
Henry Van Der Does – Space For Giants
Jamie Manuel – Northern Rangelands Trust
Lorien Chen – Independent

And their competent and noble guides:

Julian Wright – African Ascents
Tom Gregory – African Ascents
Michael Spencer – African Ascents
Schaniela Wright – African Ascents

The team started their trip accompanying the Horse Patrol Team walking through the tree line from their base at Kisima Farm, on the edge of the northern boundary of the Mount Kenya National Reserve, to Solo Camp, in the moorlands near the Mbaru Crater. Here the horses spent the night sleeping out on a line under the stars, under the watchful eye of the HPT’s human members.

The next day the HPT returned to their normal duties, whilst the summit team started their trek climbing through the heather dominated moorlands, towards the peaks ahead. The following day, after spending the night at Major’s Camp, they crossed the beautiful alpine zones of the Hobley and Gorge’s Valleys.

From here the peaks were tantalizingly close. The above picture shows the group with the Hobley Valley behind and Point Lenana above them, then Points Nelion and Batian further to the right.

From here the group pushed on, round the back of Lenana to Austrian Hut, where a far more intimidating sight of Batian and Nelion greeted them (below).

Not put off, with a couple of the group even suffering mild altitude sickness, they ate well and went to bed early.

The next day they were up at 0430 to reach the summit Point Lenana for sunrise. Here they had a fly-by from their friends at Tropic Air Kenya and also took the opportunity to take a few photos of some of the products produced by the companies who kindly sponsored their climb, including Cookswell Jikos and Cinnabar Green Natural Skincare.

The rest of the day was spent back at Austrian Hut, resting and preparing for the main summit attempt. In the late afternoon they were joined by guides from African Ascents and briefed on the following day’s proceedings. At this point George decided to sensibly opt out, given his fear of heights.

The main summit attempt involved an even earlier start, to traverse the glacier be at the base of the route for first light. From here the technical ascent to Point Nelion began. Throughout this, the teams were lead by the their fantastic and competent guides; with Edwin, Timmy and Henry arriving at the top of Point Nelion with time and weather allowing for them to continue the further 4 hours to Point Batian and back. The other four arrived at the top of Nelion, content with their achievements and setting their sights on Batian for next year. The descent was almost as long and eerily scary, engulfed by cloud with all team members making back down as the last light faded and they began the 3 hour walk down to camp near Mackinder’s Hut.

Thankfully the weather held and it only started raining as the team were entering camp amidst a mix of jubilation and exhaustion.

Above are Edwin and Timmy, who successfully summited all three peaks.

So far we have raised just under KES 1,000,000 and we look forward to concluding our fundraising efforts at the event at One Stop Nanyuki this weekend. All monies raised by this climb are going to be used to expand and develop the Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team, so stay posted for more updates!

This fundraising campaign aims to raise GBP £20,000. 100% of the funds raised will be used to expand the HPT and extend the area they can cover.

To donate Via MPESA:

  1. SIM application
  2. Choose MPESA
  3. Choose Pay Bill
  4. Enter business no. – 329142
  5. Enter account no. – mk3p & your name
  6. Enter amount

To donate online visit JustGiving crowdfunding page.

Lastly, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have supported us so far! Particularly, African Ascents who have been integral in putting everything together. Below are a list of the donors we know of so far:

Alise, Andrew and Jo Pamphillion, Atti Pye, Berenika, Bob Smith, Charles Carr, Charlie Dixon, Charlie Griffs, Charlie Morrison, Christene Campbell Clause, Christine Bowen, Colin Burgess, Dave Spindler, David and Diny Lawman, David and Nicola Fettes, Diana and David Basham, Ed Hough, Felicity Bland, Flick and Freddie Pelly, Geoff and Tracey Thompson, George and Lucilla, George Streatfield, Helen Torbut Baker, Henry and Susie Pelly, Henry Gibbon, Huw Jenkins and family, J and D Archer, Jake Zarins, James and Imo Mabey, Jamie Manuel, Tropic Air Kenya, Jean and Ross Braun, John and Josephine D, John and Penny Horsey, Cinnibar Green, Jophie Clarke, John and Penny Horsey, Cinnibar Green, Jophie Clarke, Joss Craig, Kate Royds, Katherine Sheen, Leen, Liz Roberts, Betty Dunn, Lorna Buchanan Jardine, Mark and Karen Stanley Price, Mark Palmer, Markus Bindermann, Megan Gibbon, Melanie Fischer, Michael Dyer, Mike DS and Isabella Monson, Mili Waithagu, Mindy Moroney, Neil Hargreaves, Nichola and David Fettes, Olicia Kennaway, Pam and John Walker, Patrick and Liz Dummond, Pail and Kacqui Brynn Davis, Royal African Safaris, Pere and Joanna Fraser, Philip and Jean Jackson, Pop, Ro and Colin Clarkson, Robert Gardener, Ros and Ant, Sarah and David, Sarah George, Sarah Orr, Sten Potgeiter, Stogdales, Tim and Maggie Hobbs, Tim and Shiela Gibbon, Tony and Susan Church, Tony Cully-Foster, Tony Frendo, Warwick, The Wolpe Family, Zanna Royds.

And again, a HUGE thank you to:
Hoping to see you all this Saturday at One Stop Nanyuki!


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