Thanks to Lydia Kalimwine, owner of Able Safaris, I am permitted to re-blog all three of her Bwindi articles here to help promote travel to Uganda and tracking of gorillas which live inside our boundaries.


Memories Able safaris Uganda

The impenetrable forest was gazette in 1942, upgraded to the Bwindi impenetrable park in 1992 and recognized as a world heritage site in 1994. In the local Lukiga language, Bwindi actually means ‘impenetrable’. This double warning is apt, for Bwindi is all but impenetrable,’ 327km² of tangled vegetation draped over a deeply fissured landscape of steep, slippery valleys and high, draughty ridges. But if the terrains far from easy to negotiable, it is well worth the effort. A trek through one of Africa’s most ancient rainforests, In search of the endangered mountain gorilla, ranks among the world premier wildlife encountered.

Bwindi can be cold especially in the morning and at night. The annual average temperature range is 7°C-2°C with the coldest period being June and July. Warm clothing is required, plus wet weather gear since Bwindi receives up 2390mm of rain/year. This is concentrated during two wet…

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